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Happy Earth Day!

I love days like today – because when you realise that it’s Earth day, it makes you think about the amazing place we live, and what we can do to keep it so amazing.  Today’s pictures are from a few weeks ago – I was at the park with the kids one day and while they pottered and slid and swung I noticed the amazing patterns the leaves were making – kaleidescopic almost, and with the most amazing sunlight filtering through. Wow, earth, nature, it really is amazing.klblog005

I totally confess to being a bit of a greeny – for starters it was my “real” job for many years, but on a more personal level I really believe that we should treat the planet that sustains us with the respect it deserves.

It’s not always all that easy to be environmentally conscious here in the UAE  but one way for me is to take steps to try and “green” my business and make it as sustainable as possible. And for today I’ve reaffirmed my green commitment to the UAE by signing up to the Heroes of the UAE, which you can do both on their website, and on Facebook – go on… make a pledge for Earth Day,

Have a good one, Kirsty x


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