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I have a Facebook fan page! Waaaah! Join in the fun and become a fan of Kirsty Larmour Photography. You don’t need to be a customer – heck, you don’t even need to know me – though obviously it’d be nice if you like my photography and/or my random ramblings on here, or if you just like me!!! I’ll have some special news for Facebook fan clients coming soon – watch this space!

And because blog posts need a picture – these fans just couldn’t get enough of me last year on my summer holls outside the Umayyad mosque in Damascus!! (Okay, okay, it wasn’t me really – it was my 2 blonde children they were snapping pics of – but still, we (and that includes me!) were mobbed!)


See you on Facebook, Kirsty x

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  • Mommy3B's - I’m not on facebook – but I’m a fan all the same! 😉

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