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It’s Nappy Time | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

This is what my drying rack looks like on nappy wash day – it’s the most colourful day of the week.nappies

In case I’ve not mentioned it before, I totally love my cloth nappies and they are sooooooo easy to use here with our abundant sunshine and heat.  If you’re interested in finding out more about cloth nappies – wonder how they work, how easy/difficult they are to use, the environmental benefits, the financial benefits, etc etc then there’s a nappuccino (or nappy Q&A session) being held next Tuesday September 15th. Email me for more details and a map.

Hope to see you there, Kirsty x

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  • Tracy - really colourful! I’m quite sad at the thought that in about a year we will be finished with nappies 🙁 Cloth ones are so cute 🙂

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