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Winter Wonderland….

I did promise more snow pictures – and I gave a very sneaky peek on Facebook… but here we are… I soooo love this stage Saffy is at right now where if I suggest doing a few photos she agrees to 5 minutes and we just go for it!!!

I brought the big fluffy hat and scarf for me because I really suffer from the cold but the girls loved playing dress up in it!! And she didn’t just dress up – she worked it!!!

On another day she said she’d give me 5 mins and so I grabbed every white or silver bauble from my parents Christmas tree, ran down the garden and hung them in one of the apple trees – it pays to be prepared and set something up cos I adore the winter wonderland feel we got.

The one on the right of her looking down is probably my favourite, oh, and this next one…. and the black and white at the bottom….. !!

More fun in the snow – really Saffy just loved it – Indy, as you probably realise from the fact there aren’t any pics of her was not so keen – she’s an Abu Dhabi baby through and through!!

I know I’m being an overindulgent Mummy and sharing so many but I had so much fun with them… I almost wanted the snow to stay longer….!!

Seriously, I loved the snow, despite the cold, and believe me, if it gets me pictures of my big girl like these – pictures of her first time in snow – pictures of her that I know I’ll treasure forever, it’d be worth frostbite in my opinion!

Until next time, Kirsty x

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  • Erica - Kirsty these are just absolutely beautiful images! Your daughter is lovely. 🙂

  • steph - Love them Kirsty!

  • Sue - Wow, these pictures are amazing and what a perfect model you have there! She clearly has a lot of fun with her mommy xx

  • Louise - Gasp, take my breath away gorgeous Kirsty <3

  • Andy Holroyd - Utterly gorgeous and truly inspiring as always – thank you!

  • Vinita - These are absolutely gorgeous!! Love them soo much!

  • Kate B - Kirsty these are just beyond stunning – while we were all out suffering in the cold you were creating something so gorgeous – I love them all

  • hope - you’ve captured the season so well! love this.

  • Kati - total gorge! love your lil’girls. xx

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