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The Birthday Month-part 3 | Personal Project | Abu Dhabi Photographer

This is a personal Photo Project I’m undertaking – a little challenge to myself – a set of goals to realise to help me grow, as a photographer and as a mother.  It documents the month in our family where all three girls celebrate our birthdays and I’m documenting it as one picture a day of the little moments in our lives – especially in the lives of my girls. And to push myself to see things differently I’m doing it all in black and white – here is the final instalment…

I have to say, I found it really hard to keep this up – to find a moment to capture each and every day – something to remember; something worth remembering – Some days I had more than 1 moment I wanted to preserve and some days none but I pushed myself to pick and choose, to slow down and think and to notice the little things and I did it and I’m thankful for the memories I’ve saved….. now to push myself for the next project….. until then… Kirsty x

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  • Janine - So many images to love. Happy belated birthday to Miss I. I think these every day moments are so important and will be appreciated more than we know right now, in years to come.

  • Lynn - Sooo sweet and beautiful! And what a wonderful idea…. I need a photography kick in the pants myself do I’m going to do this next mth for my daughters birthday 🙂

  • Kate - Such perfect everyday moments to remember them growing, learning, gaining independence and becoming grown up little ladies

  • Lucia - These photos are absolutely beautiful, such great momentos, such great memories, such a great idea….wish I could/would do that too. I admire your work, Kirsty!

  • SarahInParis - *Love these* Kirsty and thanks for the reminder to slow down and capture the moment with the kid. Life is so crazy it’s hard to let it all slip by. What fabulous memories you are capturing.

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