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Letter to my Daughters | April 2012

This is the first of my letters that I introduced a couple of days ago. They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and I’ll be writing them each month for my 2 treasured girls.  I’m undertaking this project with the most amazing set of ladies…..

Now head over to see my wonderful photographer friend Val Spring of the The red balloon photography | Seattle photographer to see her inspiring pictures, and letter to her beautiful daughters….

Kirsty x

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  • Rebecca - So beautiful Kirsty! What an amazing project and what a gift for your daughters. I may have to do a similar project with my children. Hope you don’t mind. You’re an amazing mommy. XO

  • Amy Lucy - Oh those sweet and silly girls of yours…how incredibly precious. It warms my heart so much to read your beautiful letter! I love your little family filled with sugar and spice, and I hope I can meet you in person someday soon. xoxoxo

  • Jody - Your sugar and spice are just the sweetest things Kirsty and their smiles are infectious. You can sense their closeness in these photos. These words… “one day you’ll need each other more than you do today” put a lump in my throat thinking about my own mother and sister and my daughters. I’m so glad we are doing this together. xo

  • Kristy Milton - oh kirsty, what a beautiful project. i am so excited for these letters to your girls every month. you letter is beyond so sweet tho them. and i love seeing it in your hand writing, that was like icing on the already delicious cake :)

  • Val Spring - Oh my friend, your words are beautiful, so incredibly touching, and filled with such love. I can tell what a happy home you have. Your girls irradiate happiness. I’ve told you a few times, there’s something so special about them. So happy to get to know you through two projects that are so close to my heart! These images just put such a gigantic smile on my face! Thank you!

  • Rashmi - Kirsty, your girls are so beautiful.. and the letter so precious. When I was reading it, I felt like you wrote my story.. i felt the exact same way.. knowing deep down i would always be a mummy and have two girls (just like my mom). I love that they call their Dad ‘Baba’. I am so happy to have met you because of this project. xoxo

  • stephanie beaty - Gorgeous girls and beautiful sentiments! Such a gorgeous picture of your love for them. xo

  • Louise - Tear jerking Kirsty. Those precious girls of yours are so special – can’t wait to see more of this series

  • Carly - What a lovely project! So happy to be following along! Your girls and your words are stunning

  • Emma Wood - Those sweet precious little girls…just so beautiful. I love your words to go with them Kirsty – made me teary in best possible way. <3

  • Lena - Kirsty – this is beautiful – the images, the letter, the whole idea behind it – beyond priceless! Cannot wait to read your future letters to your girls!

  • Julia - Kirsty, what a joyful letter to those bright and beautiful girls. Your images of them tell so much about who they are and how they feel about each other – so much love there. I’m so happy to be a part of this project with you.

  • kati - So very touching! What a wonderful gift you have given your girls! Even if you never write another one….they will treasure this always!

  • Myra Kushon - Touched my heart. What a beautiful gift to your girls.

  • Sarah Cornish - Aww they are just SO beautiful! I love your letter so much! I love how you formatted everything too. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet girls with us. I can’t wait to read more of these letters sweetheart! I am completely honored and excited to be in this group with you!

  • Sara Rosetta - *tear* sniff sniff. beautiful words Kirsty. x

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