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In the midst of a crazy busy week I realised I’d not actually shot my Project 10 this month.. which left me only the weekend and the madness of dance shows to do it – so I hold my hand up and confess, I shot this over 2 days….. but all the pictures could have […]

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  • Life with Kaishon - I always think moms with little dancers are so lucky! How beautiful are these images. Absolutely stunning! : )

  • Louise - OK, 1, Saffy is just adorable, and 2, the pic of Indy leading you along.. just perfect, and 3, you have some gorgeous early morning light there in your living room – that’s all!!! x

  • Andrea - I always love your view of the world. Beautiful girls. I just love dance recitals!! I love the perspective in all of your pictures. Was looking at Cambodia last night and noticed it there as well.

  • Janine - I love your girly girls. Jx

  • Ghadeer - Amazing photos love ur work. So intrested in ur work amazing job, do u do photo sessions for kids ????i would
    Like to have one for my daughter reallly love ur photos

  • kati - I watched my Mallory dance this past weekend and know exactly what proud moments you’re talking about. Love this post and your lil’girls! xx

  • robyn - oh these are precious. I am so glad the show went well… what fun!!

  • Val Spring - Oh miss Kirsty I hope you never hget tired of me telling your how sweet I think your girls are! They seriously have such beautiful smiles and they scream happiness all over! I love every single one of these photos but the first 3 images and the one of Indi giving you some attitude are just the best ever!!!

You didn’t think I was going to let the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pass without a shoot did you? We Brits love to celebrate – and we had a lot of fun for the Royal Wedding last year! Especially as a British mummy of 2 non-British kids, who have never spent much time in the country […]

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  • kati - Kirsty…such a FUN mom you are!! Its great watching your girls grow. Love the blue shutters background! xx

  • Sarah B - Such cuties as ever – way to go for doing a shoot on the hop too – you’re such a creative Mama xx And Happy Jubilee to you all xx

  • Kate - FABULOUS!!! You always know how to celebrate in style with those girls :D

  • Lena - Kirsty – how I love these! The girls are BEAUTIFUL (but what else is new!) and I am amazed at your creativity! You rock dear!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - These are so adorable Kirsty. I love all your color, your girls are beautiful!

  • Janine - You are such a with-it mum. I love these!

  • Andrea - Just looking at this now…these are so great. I love the colors and it looked like a lot of fun. We have a British family around the corner and they always decorate their house for the big events like the Royal Wedding and the Olympics. So fun!!

Some fun down at the beach last summer – can’t believe this gorgeous family left Abu Dhabi almost a year ago…. I bet these two gorgeous little ones look very different now…. Yup, I’m still attempting to catch up on my blogging – I’ll keep trying and I’ll be back with more soon, Kirsty x

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  • Kate - Love the Mum and Dad looking at each other one – such a perfectly captured moment

  • Janine - I always love the throw-em-up-in-the-air shots! Guaranteed cuteness :)

This is the second of my letters that I introduced last month (the first is here).  They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and I’ll be writing them each month for my 2 treasured girls.  I’m undertaking this project with the most amazing set of ladies around the world….. […]

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  • Sarah C - These photos are just SO sweet! She is so incredibly beautiful!! She sounds so much like my Lily and if we were closer I have no doubt they would be absolutely inseparable!! I love your letter so much sweet Kirsty!!! Seriously found myself nodding through the entire text thinking of my own sweet girl!! You are such a ray of sunshine and its obvious that she gets that from her mama!

  • letters to our daughters ~ may » Julia Stotlar Photography - […] women.  This month, I’m excited to send you off to Abu Dhabi to take in what the delightful Kirsty Larmour has written and captured. posted in:children | letters to our daughters | lifestyle | personal […]

  • julia - Oh my goodness, I love this so much, Kirsty!! Those images of your Saffy are SO fun, so full of joy and light – they put an instant smile on my face. Your letter makes me feel like I know her, and what a wonderful girl she is :)

  • jess - love these images, kirsty! they totally capture here and i love how fun and vibrant they are. i think it is so important to document all the little things about our girls…the things that make them who they are. feeling inspired to write down more of them more often!

  • Jody - I was grinning from ear-to-ear as I was reading about your sweet and spunky Saffy. I love that age when anything and everything is possible and there is so much joy to look forward to.

  • Amy Lucy Lockheart - Oh sweet Saffy! So much like her Mama! I can just see the two of you having so much fun together over the years doing so many creative projects and living life to the fullest. Yes, she was made for you Kirsty. A perfect match! This is a beautiful letter and I love her sweet smile in the photos! xoxo

  • Janine - This is so special. x

  • Sarah Clayton - So very beautiful Kirsty. Something for you all to treasure as the girls grow. Brought tears to my eyes xx

  • Rashmi - Kirsty.. I am literally grinning ear to ear.. you describe SIX so well, especially your saffy’s SIX. Oh my.. so much energy… so much get up and go.. what a beautiful beautiful age. You will treasure this forever… we forget the little things so quickly and this will be a wonderful reminder of her six year old whirlwind energy!

  • Kate Pizzo - I don’t know how you do it, not only are you creating a keepsake for you and your girls but you are really putting yourself out there. So hold. I love it, your words one from the heart and really are amazing. Miss Saffy is just gorgeous too! Xo

  • Emma Wood - Kirsty, your words are beautiful and your images are inspiring. You seemed to have managed to capture so many different parts of your sweet Saffys personality. She’s such a little sweetheart and honestly reminds me so much of my little 6yr old. Loved reading this, and having this special peek into your life with your darling girl.

Sometimes it’s a refreshing change from my real life to get to run around after 2 happy, spirited little boys… Big brother is great friends with my Indy – can you imagine the fun their class teacher has with these two cheeky smilers!! I shared some of their pics over on Facebook – they had […]

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  • kati - Of course another awesome and fun family session graces your blog. Such a good-looking family!

  • Rashmi - Love these Kristy! The second to last one of mom with her son is really gorgeous! xo

  • Janine - Beautiful family. Fun session :-)

This month I shot my Project 10 photos on a Saturday – our girls hanging out day – I wanted to shoot with a different perspective so I only used my 100mm macro lens to try and capture the little details of the day – sometimes we’re so caught up in capturing the big stuff […]

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  • Our Project 10: St. Anthony’s Edition « Andrea Linn - […] After you are done viewing my day, check Kirsty’s day here. […]

  • Andrea - Gorgeous photos! Always happy to see your day.

  • Nancy - What a lovely approach. Great details & such great stories to go with them, I need to do this more often!

  • Life with Kaishon - What a beautiful day. I think I love the hair swish the best : )

  • kati - Ya know hon….I need to do something like this for my kids! I think I need a kick in the pants! Love it!

Oh gosh am I behind on blogging – it’s not that I don’t have sooo many gorgeous shoots to share, it’s that running around after 2 active little girls, running a business and life in general gets a bit hectic and blogging has slipped down my list – I was reminded of how bad I’ve […]

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  • kati - Good looking family! Well done hon! I know they LOVED them all! xx

  • Kate - Super sweet Kirsty and so natural looking. The ones on the bed are my favorite – lovely family

  • lina - wooooooooooooow i liked them very much. did you take photos on their home ?

This is the first of my letters that I introduced a couple of days ago. They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and I’ll be writing them each month for my 2 treasured girls.  I’m undertaking this project with the most amazing set of ladies….. Now head […]

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  • Amy Lucy Photography - […] please visit the blog of my dear friend Kirsty Larmour | Abu Dhabi Photographer. She has an amazing ability to show her love for her daughters in each and every one of her […]

  • Letters to Our Daughters | April » Emma Wood Photography - […] Sandager | Rashmi Pappu | Julia Stotlar | Stephanie Cribbs Beaty | Amy Lockheart | Kirsty Larmour | Valeria Spring | Sarah Lynn […]

  • Rebecca - So beautiful Kirsty! What an amazing project and what a gift for your daughters. I may have to do a similar project with my children. Hope you don’t mind. You’re an amazing mommy. XO

  • Amy Lucy - Oh those sweet and silly girls of yours…how incredibly precious. It warms my heart so much to read your beautiful letter! I love your little family filled with sugar and spice, and I hope I can meet you in person someday soon. xoxoxo

  • Jody - Your sugar and spice are just the sweetest things Kirsty and their smiles are infectious. You can sense their closeness in these photos. These words… “one day you’ll need each other more than you do today” put a lump in my throat thinking about my own mother and sister and my daughters. I’m so glad we are doing this together. xo

  • Kristy Milton - oh kirsty, what a beautiful project. i am so excited for these letters to your girls every month. you letter is beyond so sweet tho them. and i love seeing it in your hand writing, that was like icing on the already delicious cake :)

  • Val Spring - Oh my friend, your words are beautiful, so incredibly touching, and filled with such love. I can tell what a happy home you have. Your girls irradiate happiness. I’ve told you a few times, there’s something so special about them. So happy to get to know you through two projects that are so close to my heart! These images just put such a gigantic smile on my face! Thank you!

  • Rashmi - Kirsty, your girls are so beautiful.. and the letter so precious. When I was reading it, I felt like you wrote my story.. i felt the exact same way.. knowing deep down i would always be a mummy and have two girls (just like my mom). I love that they call their Dad ‘Baba’. I am so happy to have met you because of this project. xoxo

  • stephanie beaty - Gorgeous girls and beautiful sentiments! Such a gorgeous picture of your love for them. xo

  • Louise - Tear jerking Kirsty. Those precious girls of yours are so special – can’t wait to see more of this series

  • Carly - What a lovely project! So happy to be following along! Your girls and your words are stunning

  • Emma Wood - Those sweet precious little girls…just so beautiful. I love your words to go with them Kirsty – made me teary in best possible way. <3

  • Lena - Kirsty – this is beautiful – the images, the letter, the whole idea behind it – beyond priceless! Cannot wait to read your future letters to your girls!

  • Julia - Kirsty, what a joyful letter to those bright and beautiful girls. Your images of them tell so much about who they are and how they feel about each other – so much love there. I’m so happy to be a part of this project with you.

  • kati - So very touching! What a wonderful gift you have given your girls! Even if you never write another one….they will treasure this always!

  • Myra Kushon - Touched my heart. What a beautiful gift to your girls.

  • Sarah Cornish - Aww they are just SO beautiful! I love your letter so much! I love how you formatted everything too. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet girls with us. I can’t wait to read more of these letters sweetheart! I am completely honored and excited to be in this group with you!

  • Sara Rosetta - *tear* sniff sniff. beautiful words Kirsty. x

  • Letters to Our Daughters | May » Emma Wood Photography - […] Sandager | Rashmi Pappu | Julia Stotlar | Stephanie Cribbs Beaty | Amy Lockheart | Kirsty Larmour | Valeria Spring | Sarah Lynn […]

  • Letter to my Girls – what it’s all about | The Catto Family - […] If anyone in the UK wants to start this circle too I’d love to hear from you…………it works by adding a person to the bottom of your letter to send the viewer along to.  I’m happy to do this with my blog too. Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailMoreLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in letters to my girls and tagged daughters, emotion, family, letters, letters to my daughters by Karen Catto. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  • Letter to my Daughters | May 2012 » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] is the second of my letters that I introduced last month (the first is here).  They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and […]

I’m nervous… this week I’m starting another new personal project… it’s on a subject closer to my heart than any I can imagine… it involves pictures, and words… the pictures come easily, mostly… the words, not always so much… but I’m excited, and invigorated and motivated by the sheer importance of it… and I’m humbled […]

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Today is Earth Day. I totally forgot – until I saw this post over on the Bloom Forum – this explains why it’s environment week at the girls school too!! Which got the girls and I to chatting about what we do to help protect Mother Earth. And here are just a few of their […]

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  • Kate - So cute – you’re so good with them – and Indy always looks so enthusiastic about everything she does! And I KNOW this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you do, you Eco mama!!!!!!!

  • Beth Ross | Tyler, TX Photographer - LOVE these!!! What a fun and creative session with your girls. The light is so pretty and I love your processing.

  • Andrea Holroyd - Hello You

    I completely forgot it was Earth Day today..anyway, as usual you are an inspiration. Be proud to know you inspired me to use fab washable nappies. Like you, we try and live a very green life too – I hope I can make it as fun for Lawrence as he grows up as you do for the girls. Am checking out up-cycled clothing next…

  • courtneycourtney - Yes! Love my eco-mamas!!!

  • Amy Lucy - Love, love, love! Such a great post!

  • Kate - I’ve learnt new things…I had no idea you were vegetarians! This is a great post and one to keep, it’s great how aware you are of your footprint. If everyone did it, we’d all be moving in the right direction. Brilliant post!!

  • Sara T - Awesome. Love that you mentioned the Bloom Forum post! Thank you. Beautiful imagery of your babies! Awesome Earth Day inspiration.

  • Debbie Wibowo - What a cute post to celebrate Earth Day! You are a rock mama!

The weather is Abu Dhabi this winter has been crazy! Loads of sandstorms, and despite me getting my first session rained out in 4 years, we’ve actually not had our usual 2 days of rain….. so when there was a major downpour the other night the girls grabbed their wellies and not being bothered that […]

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  • Louise - Hahahahahaha – way to go on soaking the ballet costume Indy!!!! Love them – love that you get so excited about rain every year!!!

  • Lena - Awww – love the sheer joy on their faces! They are ADORABLE!!!! And are those pink markers on the knees in the last image – love that!:)

  • Janine - Fun! It’s awesome that our kids love the simple joys of puddles :)

  • Kate - I love it!! Your girls are so super cute!!! Rain puddle pictures always bring a smile to me face ;)

When my girls grow up I’m going to the Mum of these two for lessons on teenage girls….. I kid you not… this session was just a delight – from the first time I met them, to our telephone and email exchanges, I just knew they were one of those families on my wavelength…. And […]

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  • louise - Beautiful girls – and so fabulous to see you diversifying your work too :)

  • Corinn Gray - Love your processing. These are beautiful images. You really captured some great memories for this family!

  • Skye - These girls are beautiful! Your light and processing are gorgeous too :)

  • Heather - Beautiful, I especially love the black and whites- they are gorgeous! Lovely ladies!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - What a GORGEOUS family, these photos are beautiful. You captured them perfectly ;)

  • hope - you did a beautiful job!!! lucky lucky girls

  • Leslie - Such pretty light Kristy! Way to find it and show off this sweet family perfectly!

  • Jenny - gorgeous girls -and beautiful images – i’m sure mom and dad are proud!

  • Val Spring - Umm how awesome are these??? Seriuosly, such a beautiful family! Btw, when you get advice from Mom about having 2 teenage girls, would you mind passing the info along?

  • Janine - In love with that light ♥ Beautifully captured, Kirsty.

  • Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Senior Photographer - Love these! The girls looks so relaxed and natural. Great work. They are beautiful!

  • Zoe D. - Gorgeous light and images!

  • SarahInParis - WOW stunning girls Kirsty and family. What beautiful photos of them. Just stunning!

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