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There is just something so magical about a white Christmas…..  I caught these precious moments of snow and sparkle fun during our white Christmas in England last year… sigh….. Hope you’re all getting into the festive spirit, Kirsty xx

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  • Carly - So magical Kirsty!

  • kati - love her. gotta brag that I always have a white Christmas…and it’s wonderful! xx

  • Vinita - Beautiful Kirsty!Getting into the mood! x

  • Rikki - Such a perfect capture of your beautiful girl ♥

  • Mum and Dad (Nai Nai and Ye Ye) - Fond memories of happy times in the snow with the girls.
    Nai Nai and Ye Ye

  • SarahB - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!!!!! Just magical

  • janine - Will dreams of going to the snow one day. sigh. beautiful 🙂

  • Sandra - Wow! Gorgeous photos. I adore the one with the sparkle fun, it’s so super sweet! We didn’t have a white Christmas this year in NY, but there’s always next year. 😀 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

It’s December! It’s December – oh my goodness, how can it be December??? To say the end of the year coming around this fast makes me feel old – that’s something Grannies say isn’t it??? But it’s hit me like a tornado in the middle of busy season here and suddenly it was the 9th […]

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2 sweet brothers came to me for a petite session….. Big brother used to be on my site from when he was teeny – but look at him all grown up and handsome… but little brother had never sat in front of my camera before they rocked it! it blows me away when I get […]

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  • Kate - What cuties! Love the family photo – it’s just a captured moment of bliss 🙂

  • Amy - What adorable boys! I just love the light you found here, Kirsty! Gorgeous!

  • SarahB - Oh such cuteness

Today is the 40th anniversary of the UAE – it’s a day (a week even) filled with celebrations of the many things this country has achieved in it’s 40 years. It’s been through an evolution that’s pretty hard to comprehend, from desert living to a true 21st century country, and I’m lucky enough to live […]

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  • Kate - Oh how adorable.. love their dresses… so sweeeeeet and happy <3

  • Laura - Love the last shot with the balloons. Nothing sweeter then a little kid enjoying youth with a handful of balloons!

  • Vinita - The girls look absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure all of you had a great time celebrating!x

  • Amy - What a fabulous glimpse into your special day! I always love seeing your girls and learning more about you!

  • SarahB - love these – love the glimpse into life there – and the cuteness of your girls

  • Louise - Happy National Day to you – love how you guys throw yourselves wholeheartedly into everything you do

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My clients love to throw in little challenges for me – especially with pets – but Tobi was my first ever tortoise!!! Chloe was the most adorable smiley girl and I love the ones of her on the grass with her little pet! Once Tobi was all modelled out the rest of us headed down […]

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I’m a bad blogger – a really bad blogger – especially when it comes to posting my gorgeous clients – you see, over the last year my focus has been on actually getting pictures to clients – getting them in their hands, on their walls and on their coffee tables… and one of the sad […]

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  • janine - cuties! looks like they had fun and loved being in front of your camera 😀

  • Kylie D - You need to blog more often – it is just not fair to those of us who like to see your beautiful work to keep them all to yourself! Share lots more please….

  • Fran Watkins - Hi Kirsty

    These beautiful children are my grandchildren – if you remember I had some photos from you. They are now hanging on my wall in the UK and I just love looking at them and they are much admired.They also remind me of the times i spent in Abu Dhabi visiting them.

    Many thanks.

  • Perth wedding photographer - Beautiful natural photos! Great work

My goodness how can we be a 3rd of the way into this project already??? If you’ve not seen the Project 10 before you can read how we got started here. I usually do the project over a day the first week of the month – this month that fell on the week of the […]

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  • Sara T - I can’t get over the flamingos. I want some. Standing in my lawn. Is that like over-sized naan bread? I am such an American. Beautiful girls. I dig the cityscape so, so much.

  • Nancy - I want to eat your girls up, I love that they seem to be such good friends! What a fun day to document and share with us!

  • Kate - You have such action packed lives!! But so fun too – and I really love seeing this project and feeling a bit closer to you all 🙂

  • efi - so cute !! love the giant bread! have you changed your pp..? i love the first two colors!

  • Val Spring - I could never get bored of seeing a day in your life. Already looking forward to next month’s post!

  • Postcards from our neighbourhood » Letters from the Larmours - […] We started at the bakery – a favourite place just next to our building – they make the best huge breads (you can see here and here) […]

Everyone knows I’m a bit of a greenie – I try so hard to be eco-conscious, hard as it is in this part of the world. When I’m looking for clothes for my kids I’m always drawn to things which help my eco conscience – so I often look for more eco-consious vendors to work […]

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  • Kristen - These photos are beautiful and so is she, you must be missing her like crazy! I love the way you dress your girls, they are so lucky to have such a fashion savvy Mama! xx

  • rowe - these photos are just beautiful… dreamy and whimsical… indy is adorable!

  • zoombezi - Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts.Thank you so much!

  • Kate - Indy, Indy, you are just too cute! And that IS an adorable dress too – just her!!

  • Kate Pizzo - Beautiful Indy in a beautiful dress. Love this set Kirsty, she’s really working the camera isn’t she?! And the lensbaby, well, are there words??

I’m always doing little fun photo projects with my kids – some quite and easy, and some which take a little longer – and I love to make them part of the decor around our flat. This one the girls have loved doing and building up over time. We use my instax camera – which […]

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  • Farideh - Great idea! love it!

  • Antonina - Ooh I like this! I’m totally making one like that!

  • Kristen - Oh I love this Kirsty, it’s on the list for summer projects 🙂 xx

  • Kristy Milton - love love love it!!!
    what a wonderful idea!
    my kids love this camera also, i really wish i were as creative as you with my polaroids!

  • rowe - i love this! you always come up with the best projects… i have no idea how you find the time!

  • Ninka - Well that’s pretty much fabulous Kirsty! You may find yourself copied next week 🙂

  • Myra - OH my goodness! I love love love this idea! What a fun way to celebrate your kids and photography! 🙂

  • Kate - LOVE this – want one in my house!!!!

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  • Debbie - Awesome project, Kirsty. Now I am really tempted to get one. 😀

This is what life with three girls looks like…. Biggest sister was born just a month after Saffy, middle sister a few months after Indy  and they are such giggly gorgeous girls  and littlest sister came along just 3 weeks before we arrived in China this summer – perfect timing!!!  I love how relaxed they […]

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  • Kate - What beautiful girls Kirsty 🙂 but actually the one that makes my heart skip a littl beat is the one of Mummy with baby – so peaceful and gorgeous

  • Polly - wow! look how everyone has grown! beautiful! 🙂 hope you well

  • Ninka - Oh wow – what a stunning family! I love the way you have captured them Kirsty, real and natural, chilling together 🙂

  • Letter from Guangzhou… » Letters from the Larmours - […] rounded our trip to Guangzhou off with a visit to see some old friends who had just had their third baby before we flew on up to Shanghai for the next part of our summer […]

Wow, is it really already October??? I have so much to blog, so much to edit, so much to do in general… but it also means it’s time for another Project 10 with my fabulous group of fellow photographers from around the world (read about how we got started here) I did my shooting for […]

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  • breeze - Love love love! You seriously have the sweetest family.

  • amy lucy - Love those sweet girlies of yours! Those little buns for dance class are so adorable. Love the way you’re capturing these special times, Kirsty!

  • Sara T - So in love with 9:35 and 17:55. These two look like the best of friends…so nice to see.

  • Nancy - These are so sweet and have such a girly saturday feel to them. I’d love the recipe for your banana loaf. It’s got to be healthier than my banana bread!

  • Rikki - So totally adorable…such a special way to capture everyday memories ♥

  • Val Spring - That last image of your girls hugging your husband melted my heart!I’m sure that will be one he will treasure for ever and I think you should print it very big! Love your day! Oh and Lola (my oldest) LOVES reading Roald Dahl! xo

  • khadijah - Gorgeous girls Kirsty! You have such beautiful days!

  • Andrea - Love that last picture of the girls hugging your hubby. So very sweet. I agree with Val…that’s a framer!! I love seeing your days.

  • Jo - I love love love the 09.35 photo – the girls are too cute!

  • Jobrina Hofleit - Kirsty, I love your images…always….love seeing your sweet little girls and I can’t get enough of their oh so cute little buns in their hair with their dance outfits on!!!! LOVE!!!!

  • Kate - love these insights into your life, your girls are such poppets <3

  • Kristy Milton - so sweet! i love seeing into your every day with your beautiful family!!!

  • rowe - i just love the idea of a project like this… i feel like i know you just a little better now! we often take beautiful photos of our kids but sometimes miss the everyday moments… this is the stuff we want to remember!

This is a recent favourite pic of mine from a mini session in Shanghai – his big sister was one of my very first photo subjects back when she was a baby and we all lived in Southern China… And here she is – all grown up and 5 1/2….  You guys are such sweeties, […]

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  • Kate - Love the top one too – and wasn’t that the little girl with the bubbles on your website ages ago? So grown up now!!

  • Kirsty - Wow Kate, spot on!!!! That’s the same little girl – she was on the front page of my site and on my blog header for ages!!! Thanks for the comment sweetie x

  • helke - wow, that’s john and little megan! polly, they’re so big and beautiful! and kirsty, i love these two shots of brother and sister!

  • Jen - Polly is so funny-she told me to check out your heart collage but didn’t mention about the photos of her kids!…??? Awesome as always. Beautiful shots and beautiful kids.

Petite sessions announced on Facebook on Thursday are filling up fast – if there’s enough interest I might schedule one more date too…. Kirsty x

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  • Kristen - Sigh. I wish we lived closer so we could have a petite session 🙂 xx

  • Kirsty - Awwwww, I wish we lived closer too – would love to photograph your gorgeous girls

  • Kate - LOVE that image of Indy

I am certainly not the first Mummy to take “Back to School” photos so I take no credit on originality here, BUT, this year is special because it marks my baby girl starting school (well Foundation Stage, which is like Kindergarten or Reception or Pre-school depending on where you’re from) – and well, I couldn’t […]

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  • Louise - oh gosh, gosh… I LOVE them! The one of Indy drinking milk totally takes me back to infant school days when we had to drink milk at morning break! I love all the little details there just so well done x

  • janine - oooh these are all too cute for words. they are both growing up so fast. i wish our boys would let me do a photo session like this. i would have to use bribery and it would have to be something awesome. gorgeous work as always. x

  • Angie Baxter - Kirsty, these are absolutely priceless. Amazing shots of your extremely gorgeous little bebes xoxoxoxo

  • Rikki - Oh my – these are just gorgeous – make me smile BIG. If I was where you are, I would totally be your Starbucks buddy 😉

  • Kate - What a perfect document of your girls. I always say it but Kirsty, your girls are beautiful! I’m sorry you’re losing your side kick to school. Mils is only in part time but I can relate to the emptiness. I hope they’re enjoying being back…

  • Katie - oh my goodness, so grown up!!! And so adorable – right down to the scuffed knee with the plaster! And Saffy looks about 12 already!!! These are perfect mementos of their school days for them Kirsty xx

  • Vinita - Ohhh divine! Love your concepts and how you celebrate milestones! xx

  • Natalie - oh wow! LOVE these Kirsty! You’re so fabulous at styled sessions and I love seeing photos of your girls. Such a wonderful collection of images, love them!! : )

  • Carly - Could I love these more? No, no I could not. Indy in specs?!? Seriously melt.

  • Lena (Live Love Laugh Photos) - WoW Kirsty – they are beautiful – the girls and the photos! LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! cannot even pick out a favorite – they are all so great. But the Milk Bottle with a stripy straw and the shot of their feet are absolutely priceless. You are sooooo creative!

  • Amy Lucy - Totally priceless! Your girls are so stinkin’ cute! I love all the props you incorporated. Those girls of yours really know how to work it, don’t they?!

  • Caitlin - Kirsty-you have done it again, just lovely! I always look forward to your images, especially the ones of your girls, you are so creative!!! Have a great day, Caitlin

  • Rebecca - Aw I love these! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL – in that heavenly angel ethereal sort of way. I’ll be losing my little girl to school next year and I can’t imagine – hope you find a way to enjoy your alone time while yours girls are in school!

  • rowe - these are beyond adorable kirsty… i love the ones of indi standing on the table with her little heart socks… and how cute are the ones of saffy with the apple on her head! youve inspired me to do something like this soon, before audrey is too big!

  • Kristy Milton - seriously kirsty, you are amazing! these back to schools are by far my favorite, ever!! love, they are so gorgeous, and i agree they grow too quickly!

  • Susanne Ashby - Hi Kirsty! Just came across these on Pinterest while searching for outfit ideas. We are doing our second annual back to school shoot tomorrow. Anyway, I remember when you first posted these and I guess I didn’t comment last time but I had to tell you that I think they are so flipping cute!! Love LOVE this shoot that you did with your darling girls!

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Myself and 9 other fabulous group of photographers started a new little personal project last month.   It’s a project where we take time each month to shoot for ourselves – to capture our own lives and our own families (something we photographers often neglect when running a business!).  This takes me back to capturing […]

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  • hope - what precious moments you documented here. my fave is the family shot. love your wall images too. gorgeous.

  • breeze - I absolutely loved your day! My little boy saw the Thomas train and squealed! The smiles turned instant cries is SUCH a familiar scene!! The family shot is such a perfect capture!

  • Jay Davies - Another great day in the life……love it!!!

  • Nancy - Love that they snuggle up together <3
    These are so precious, Kirsty! LOVE the crying pic. Love it!

  • Rikki - Kirsty, love that you are capturing all these special moments! Love the one of Saffy reading to Indy *too gorgeous* ♥

  • Kristen - Love seeing these, your girls are so sweet with each other! Nice to see you all together in the last image, you guys look totally relaxed!! xx

  • Amy Lucy - How I adore seeing snippets from your day in Abu Dhabi. Your girls are so darling! It looks like a fabulous day with family — my favorite kind of days.

  • Kate - I love that you’re doing this…beautiful family!!

  • robyn - love your day you have shared. i just adore the first two images!!

  • Jules - i love the snuggles and the tears … beautiful day!

  • Carey - Love love LOVE these!!!! My little Cora, at 3, loves her thumb too, and I just HATE to take it away from her.

  • Andrea - I love seeing what you are up to. These are awesome and I love the one of the two girls in the bedroom playing on the bed…they look so small.

  • efi - 16:25 & 18:30 my favs 🙂 ! .. ok and 08:25!

  • Jobrina Hofleit - Oh I totally feel like I’m right there with you and your family Kirsty, it’s as if I’m totally getting to know all of you through your lens! Your girls are just precious and I love how your husband takes on his duties with such ease! 😉 So great to see you in that last image (I keep forgetting to do this-dang!) and that pizza looks soooooo yummy!!!!! 😉

  • Shannon Harrison - These need to be made into a book. Magnificent story told here 🙂

  • Sara T - All kinds of awesome togetherness on your day off. Beautiful family!

  • Val Spring - LOVE your day, once again! You’ve captured such beautiful and real moments! Adore the girls reading and playing together and yes, I have a 3 year old girl and yes that’s exactly how it goes! 😉