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I love weddings… I love the build up, the excitement, the people, the love… I really love the love… but when I’m one of a very, very select number of people at a very intimate wedding, well thenthere’s just even more to love… this wedding was all of those things.. and more… Oh Peta, you […]

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  • Sara T - Beautiful, Kirsty! Love all the color, B&W and depth. They look so happy!

  • Louise - wow, looks just so simple and so lovely – beautiful Kirsty

  • Gemma - Kirsty, thank you so much for creating such special memories of Pete and Scott’s day. For those of us who could not be there, these images mean so very much to us. They perfectly capture them both and are so very much what Peta would have wanted from her special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts here in Australia xx

  • Kate - Beautiful, happy and radiant – just how any bride should be on her wedding day <3

  • Malisa - gorgeous! I can feel their happiness and emotion through these photos! The black and white close-up of faces is my favorite!

  • Julyssa Schenk - Kristy… what a fun wedding! You captured their happiness so well. Love the LOVE, happiness and processing of your photos. Great job!

  • Lil - Hello Kirsty….Congratulations you so GOT IT SPOT ON the photos have captured how beautiful, genuine & memorable Peta & Scott’s Wedding Day was.

    Being one of a small select few to be able to share this Special Day the photo’s brought an instant smile to my face as that’s what the whole day was all about…SMILING…LAUGHING…CELEBRATING… the love that Peta & Scott have for each other.

    Peta & Scott’s Wedding Day will go down as one of my MOST memorable experiences in Abu Dhabi as an expat…not only did I see one of my dearest friends fulfill a dream of becoming Mrs. McCaw but a day that CHERISHED MEMORIES were built & shared amongst friends!!!

    Congratulations again Kirsty……

    All the best Mr. & Mrs. McCaw!!!!!

  • Kate Pizzo - Does a bride get more stunning than this…what a wonderful day you captured for them! They’re so simple and elegant :)

  • jennifer foster - wow, beautiful work my friend! love love the bouquet shots, the whole setup for the dress and shoes- was that there already??? amazing shots, and what an adorable bride, you done good!

  • Louise - These are stunning Kirsty. Love the location outside. Was this somewhere in AD? Which church is it? So pretty. You’re Ace! X

  • Janine - These are gorgeous! x

It goes something like this…. Me: Hey Indy, look at this amazing coconut grove… how about you hold up that really cool spiky shell over there! Indy:….. urggggghhhhhhh stinky….

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  • Kate - ha ha ha ha – classic face!!!!

  • Lena - Hilarious!

  • Louise - too cute!!!! such a funny face!!!!

  • kati - LOL!!! Love you snapped this image!! hahaha

  • Janine - I love that she picked it up anyway, probably just to please you :D

  • SarahInParis - That’s is SOOOOO funny but so good to see that you too have those outtakes. I thought it was just me!! Love it!

This is a personal Photo Project I’m undertaking – a little challenge to myself – a set of goals to realise to help me grow, as a photographer and as a mother.  It documents the month in our family where all three girls celebrate our birthdays and I’m documenting it as one picture a day of […]

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  • Janine - So many images to love. Happy belated birthday to Miss I. I think these every day moments are so important and will be appreciated more than we know right now, in years to come.

  • Lynn - Sooo sweet and beautiful! And what a wonderful idea…. I need a photography kick in the pants myself do I’m going to do this next mth for my daughters birthday :)

  • Kate - Such perfect everyday moments to remember them growing, learning, gaining independence and becoming grown up little ladies

  • Lucia - These photos are absolutely beautiful, such great momentos, such great memories, such a great idea….wish I could/would do that too. I admire your work, Kirsty!

  • SarahInParis - *Love these* Kirsty and thanks for the reminder to slow down and capture the moment with the kid. Life is so crazy it’s hard to let it all slip by. What fabulous memories you are capturing.

I’m so lucky – not only do I get to travel to amazing places but my kids love it too – and of course this family travel time gives me plenty of one on one with my girls… especially when we have adorable dresses to show off. I’ve mentioned Courtneycourtney before… she upcycles dresses from […]

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  • Lena - Oh my goodness Kirsty – i LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The last one is to die for! And love all the other lensbaby shots! I love them all! Great job as always – your girls are so lucky that you document every step of their lives!

  • Amy Lucy - Just absolutely stunning. xoxo

  • rowe - so beautiful kirsty… i LOVE the photos in and around that branch! i so want to go there to visit one day…

  • Louise - oh my goodness – that is beach bliss – how amazing for your girls… and how gorgeous is Indy????

  • Kate - I think I’m in love!!!!

  • steph - Absolutely beauty full as always K!

  • SarahInParis - Kirsty these photos are stunning and the sky is amazing! Wowzers.

  • Letter from Autumn 2012 » Letters from the Larmours - […] don’t see them for a while – I LOVE the sand dunes, and I’m pretty content with a gorgeous beach, but nothing beats mountains.  So, off we took for a couple of nights… driving up […]

It’s only the 10th of March and it’s been a busy one already – I managed to squeeze my Project 10 pictures in yesterday (thank goodness this is a lifestyle project, not about picture perfect portraits!!!) when we had a morning of hanging out at home with my parents followed by a trip into the […]

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  • kati - I wanna come!! xxx

  • Jill - Did you stay over camping and thats a pretty good fire

  • Janine - Wow. Love seeing where you live. The dunes are beautiful. More please.

  • our project ten / march 2012 » The Red Balloon Photography - […] the circle with the amazingly talented Kirsty Larmour, Abu-Dhabi Photographer. She always blows my mind with her unique way of documenting her days. Posted in […]

  • Kirsten - Lovely photos as always – I love the bonfire photo.

  • Life with Kaishon - Absolutely perfect. Lifestyle photography is my favorite!

  • Mάρτιος.March | 10 on 10 - […] visit Kirsty next for her March […]

  • Mette - I love the bonfire photo, and I love your site! Am actually moving to Abu Dhabi next year, so I love seing pictures taken there :)

  • Amy Lucy - Um, kites in the desert?! That looks amazing! What a fabulous day, indeed. Love your story, Kirsty! xoxo

  • Andrea - What a cool day…love the campfire in the desert. I love seeing your days over there…not really so different than here actually except for the sand dunes ;)

  • robyn oakenfold - so lovely Kirsty!! looks like such a wonderful day! what are you bbqing?

  • Kirsty - Thanks everyone – Jill, we didn’t camp this time :( and Robyn, that’s hallumi – but we also had lots of veggie burgers and sausages too :D we love the dunes….

  • EFI - lovee it!! what an adventure!! i am so excited everytime i look at your 10 project !!

  • Sara T - I just bought the same kite. I adore your family 10’s. Gorgeous.

  • Jobrina Hofleit - What a great day Kirsty! I LOVE the desert dunes shots, so much FUN!!!!!!! ;-)

  • Val Spring - Oh girlie, your days are always so much fun! I think I wanna be you when I grow up ;P It indeed looks like the perfect Friday! Wonderful documentation and I bet your parents will treasure these for ever!

  • Project 10 April | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] more about this fab project with 10 other photographers from around the world go here and go here to see last […]

I’ve been a bad blogger – but in my defence, only because I’m trying to be a good photographer and juggle photo shoots and orders and all the other things that come with this – I’d far rather my clients happily had their gorgeous images in their hands than only got to see them on […]

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  • jessica - Lovely images of a lovely family!

  • Cherilyn Haines {Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer} - Great pictures! I LOVE the last image of the family. :)

  • Meagan Baker - Vancouver Child Photographer - So beautiful – love these family portraits. The location looks amazing and i love the shot with the book. So cute.

  • robyn oakenfold - I agree with you, I have been relaxed at posted to my blog lately. But I am so glad you shared these, they are wonderful. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all! Great job my friend!

  • laura - I love these! Such a cute family and lovely lighting!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Kirsty these are beautiful. you are so talented with pictures, I adore these!!!

  • kati - WOW!! Love all of these. And the sisters book! How clever!

  • Melanie - These are beautiful! That light is amazing! What a great session!

  • Amy Lucy - These are so beautiful, Kirsty. I want family photos like this!

  • Jenny - how great are these!?! I adore that shot of the girls reading SISTERS! Priceless!

  • Cara Harrison, Cincinnati OH family photographer - These are awesome! What a fun, relaxed session. gorgeous family, and beautiful colors. :)

  • Sara T - I love the light in these. Beautiful clean color and what a gorgeous family!

  • SarahInParis - Love them all and especially that last one!

This is a personal Photo Project I’m undertaking – a little challenge to myself – a set of goals to realise to help me grow, as a photographer and as a mother.  It documents the month in our family where all three girls celebrate our birthdays and I’m documenting it as one picture a day of […]

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  • Janine - I LOVE these little moments…and b&w too. Beautiful :-)

  • Efi - Love it! Cant tell my fav, love the b/w version .. It fits perfectly!

  • Lena - Love these Kirsty! You are SO GOOD at documenting your family images – you are inspiring me to do more of that myself:)

We’re well into February already, and plans for the year are being made.. and it’s time for another instalment of the Project 10 (go here to find out how it started and how I’m involved with a fabulous group of photographers from around the globe, and here to see last months). This month, rather than documenting a day in […]

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  • Our Project 10: February « Andrea Linn - […] you are done, don’t forget to check out Kirsty Larmour from Abu Dhabi (how cool is that??) and see how she spent her […]

  • Andrea - Is that all you eat for lunch? I love this…love to peek inside your life.

  • Janine - I love this peek into your daily routine. Great project :-)

  • Kylie D - I love this post! I love the honesty and the perspective – soooo good! Kx

  • Farideh - You have to teach me time-management!

  • Val Spring - I don;t think a day in your like would ever seem dull to me. Love seeing more of your daily routine and I love how organized you are with your pacjaging supplies. I want a whole closset for it now :) Love your Starbucks shot!

  • Val Spring - *meant life

  • Nancy - Looks like an incredibly productive day, Kirsty!! Love the term “ralk” ;)

  • indian wedding photography - Outstanding job once again. Thank you:)

  • Lena - Wow – what an awesome idea! Love to get a glimpse in your glamourous life:) And it was so cool to follow your fellow photographers around the globe! Cannot wait to see your March edition!

  • Project 10 March | Abu Dhabi Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] learn more about this fab project with 10 other photographers from around the world go here and go here to see last […]

  • Jobrina Hofleit - LOVE the way you have documented your “dull” day… so isn’t dull in the slightest way to me at all!!!!! Love your “ralk” image!!!!! ;-)

This is a personal Photo Project I’m undertaking – a little challenge to myself – a set of goals to realise to help me grow, as a photographer and as a mother. Most photographers have personal projects on the go, (you can see my Project 10 posts here  where I document a day in our lives […]

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  • Rebecca - So amazing Kirsty! Can’t wait to follow along. I love the real moments the best. I think they are perfect! (such beautiful photos too).

  • Jo - Kirsty – I love these. The black and white style is amazing and a little glimpse into your everyday lives is very special for an Auntie who’s far away xxx

  • Louise - Very special everyday moments – love the Lost in music one! Perfect!

  • Kirsten - Stunning as always.

  • Carey - love upside down, backwards, to pieces. utterly impossible to choose a favorite one!!!

  • steph - LOVE!

  • Amy - Those girls are yours are so darling. I love getting a glimpse into your everyday, unposed moments. Love this birthday month project!

  • Happy New Year | Abu Dhabi Children’s Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] where I capture the little things that make up a day in our lives and I hope I’ll repeat my birthday month photo a day project this year. I’ve pushed myself photographically, creatively and personally […]

In much of the world people have rainy day fun projects – we have hot day indoor projects and I love doing fun photo projects with my kids that help to create memories for us all, not to mention fun things to hang on our walls – this was one we did one weekend last […]

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  • Renee P - What a neat idea, I love how they turned out :) You have a beautiful family

  • Kylie D - Love it! and your photo wall as well!!!! Kx

  • Rikki - You are so fabulous and your family is so, so gorgeous! Adopt me please ;)

  • Jill - ah how fun! I love your photo wall. such beauty :)

  • Janine - Love all of your family pics. I feel like our families have met even though we’re half a world away xo that photo wall is inspiring me to get my act together!

  • Amy - Love your photobooth!!!

  • Kate Pizzo - Love this idea…I just love it. Not being a project girl myself, I may find myself stealing this from you at some point! I love seeing your family pics, just perfect :)

I mentioned in my January Project 10 that we’d just come back from India. We spent a couple of days in Chennai, a wonderful, vibrant city in the south, before we headed over to the amazing Andaman Islands. I feel so lucky that my kids have taken to travelling so incredibly well, that they’re fascinated […]

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  • Carrie Terrones (Las Vegas Photographer) - Kristy, these are just beautiful. I hope my children take to traveling when they are old enough like yours have. You are providing them with amazing experiences!!!

  • Heather Deterding - What amazing experiences, I agree! I loved looking at these!

  • Donelle - These are gorgeous, all the colors are amazing!

  • Mary Schannen - I’m in love with your work! These are amazing!

  • Val Spring - Kirsty, what an amazing way you spend childhood. I love your life and adore the way to document it. She’s such a beautiful little girl!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Oh Kirsty the color is GORGEOUS! BEAUTIFUL job, these are perfect!

  • Angela - Oh wow, all of these colors are so amazing! Great job!

  • Lena - LOVE them Kirsty!!!! And Indy’s dress goes so well with the temples colors – she did a great job picking out her dress:) The last image is to die for – if it were me (and I had wall space for it) I would so print it out large somewhere – such a cool shot! Cannot wait to see images from other trips – (it is a great resolution by the way and I am working hard to make it happen myself!)

  • robyn oakenfold - oh Kirsty… all the colours are so beautiful, your Indy is gorgeous… the surrounds are unreal. love every single image!

  • Janine - Just beautiful! Jesse liked them too…he thinks the calf is a dog and i couldn’t persuade him otherwise. Sounds like a good plan for 2012, Kirsty. Jx

  • leah - I saw this on facebook. Just love the colors with the haze, and beautiful little girl!

  • shannon - love the juxtaposition of a child simply being a wondeful child in such an amazingly spiritual and ancient place. So many fantastic shots!

  • Callie - love them all. love the colors and love your perspective.

  • tamara - Beautiful documenting of your trip. Love the colors and her dress is perfect love it!

Check out Luke! Only 2 and such a little skater dude! And so much fun to be around! I love one-on-one kids sessions because you can really capture a childs personality and just play and have fun without worrying about everyone else too. Seriously, this boy has attitude!  The makings of a rockstar.  Thank you […]

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  • Pam - Love the shots Kirsty. Thank you too. You were great with him. We both enjoyed it and Luke had so much fun.

  • Louise - He really is one little cool dude!!! Great shots Kirsty

  • Donelle - oh my what a cutie, love the skateboard with that outfit!!

  • Malisa - These are so adorable! love the third one down- his smile is so cute!

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