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Emotion | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

Every now and then I’m editing client sessions and a photo will hit me with a huge wave of emotion – this was one that I was editing this morning and it reminded me so much of one I have of Saffy and Daddy on our bed when she was about this age - and then it hit me, Indy will be 2 in 3 weeks and I don’t have any of her and Daddy like that…. my poor neglected second child…abu-dhabi-baby-photog1

Lucky for gorgeous Phoebe I do have one of her and her Daddy – and I adore it…. Kirsty x

Claire - Oh Kirsty – love it! Can’t wait to see the rest :-)

Summer - So adorable! Great shot!

Just for the Princesses… | Abu Dhabi Princess Photographer

Every little girl wants to be a Princess (so does every big girl secretly!!). To celebrate Princess month (the month where all 3 Princesses in our household celebrate their birthdays) I’m offering a very special princess book as part of my sessions.  It’s gorgeous and pink and sparkly and swirly and pretty and all the things little Princesses love…. I can’t even tell you how Saffy’s face lit up when she opened hers on Christmas Day – it was a look of delight and wonder… and every little Princess deserves that… take a look at the slideshow of her book…


This beautiful book was designed to celebrate the life of a very special little Princess and as Saffy turns 4, this month  marks another year that Ava remains a 3 year old Princess in the lives of those who love her.  princess-book01

The promotion will run from today (my big Princess’s birthday) until March 2nd (my baby Princess’s birthday).  If you are a customer with a session scheduled you will need to pay for this now, via paypal or cheque to get it at the special price. If you are a past customer I will re-upload your gallery for 24 hours for you to choose prints (upto 14 per 10 page 5 x 5 book). All orders will be placed at the end of the promotion period.

More piccies of my 2 Princesses coming soon, I promise….

Until then…. Celebrate Princess Month, for your Princesses, for my little Princesses, for Ava and her wonderful family, and for all the little Abu Dhabian Princesses out there, Kirsty x

Louise - Happy Birthday Saffy! This is so beautiful – wish I had a girl – the slideshow made me feel quite emotional – lovely, lovely, xx

Summer - What a great little album! So perfect for a princess!

KT - Oh, I so want – that is just beautiful

helke - very beautiful….that’s what Asia thinks of it :-)

Me | Abu Dhabi Photographer

Last year when I was putting together my FAQ’s I asked several friends for some input. Well, in addition to asking photography and photo session related questions it was also suggested that people might like to know more about ME! Me? Really?  And it makes sense really, that people might want to know who I am so they can decide if they’ll feel comfortable with me weidling a big camera in their face…. so here goes… a little more about me – interspersed with some photos of me doing my photo thing!!

What’s your favourite ice cream? Anything chocolatey, or caramelly!

Your Daughters have really cool names – how did you choose them? We just named them after our 2 favourite curry houses!!! Just kidding! No really, both are real little international souls, and me being a bit of an earth mother we wanted names which reflected these different areas of our lives. (They’re actually Saffron and Indigo though we call them Saffy and Indy most of the time). Thank you for thinking they’re cool though – we think so too!! Kirsty-Larmour02

What’s your favourite place to travel? Ooooooh, tough one – I LOVE, love China – it’s a country that’s under my skin and I never tire of travelling there, but from a photography perspective it has to be India – the colours and the people and the culture and the food and the history – it’s like spacedust cracking on your senses – a photographic dream!Kirsty-Larmour03

How did you get into photography? I think it began with passing my photography badge while in the Brownies!! I had a camera from a very early age (one of my earliest memories is of the trauma of losing my toy camera aged 4 when we moved house!). My Dad was also a keen sketcher and I remember sitting beside him on the cliffs of Cornwall as a 6 year old learning the principles of perspective using long pieces of grass, and how to draw a compelling scene. My Mum is also very creative so we were always doing crafty things at home. As I grew up I studied art, then left it by the wayside to take up a career in engineering.

I travelled a lot in my early 20’s which reignighted my passion for photography, but I think the final “lightbulb” moment was when a friend gave me a gorgeous coffee table book of photos of India and said she’d known she had to buy it for me as soon as she saw it because it was the “Kirsty style of photos” – that I took photos in a style that was noticeable to someone other than me was a revelation (especially given it was way back in the days of film and I only had a point and shoot!)

I began to do more stuff with my travel photography which then grew into an interest in people photography. I studied photography part time – and here I am now, years on, lucky enough to combine my two favourite types of photography! (and those engineering jobs are a distant memory!)Kirsty-Larmour08

 Why did you work in Engineering? And why don’t you do that anymore? Hmmm, well I actually worked as an Environmental Consultant within the engineering industry – and I loved it – most of the time. I spent a lot of time working in developing countries (China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka) and after a while, as with a lot of jobs, I lost some of my passion for it. I freelanced for a while (doing photography on the side) and then had children so took a step back. I am still undoubtedly passionate about the state of the environment, I just act on it in a different arena now!Kirsty-Larmour07

And this one got this (scroll right to the bottom of the post)

I love your blog – but whose blogs do you love? I do blog stalk some photographers, but the main things in my google reader are blogs about every day life. I read

Treehugger religiously to keep up to date on a whole range of environmental issues

What the duck comic strips – a duck photographer – very humourous!

Ecouterre – all about sustainable / eco friendly fashion – brilliant

Experiencing the Emirates – I find it odd that I learn more about life in UAE from a Kiwi expat in Fujeirah but it’s an eyeopening resource on keeping up to date on life here.

Chinese pod – I speak semi OK mandarin Chinese and these little podcast tutorials help me to keep my language skills at a “reasonable” level.

Motherland – blog of a Mum trying to find the right balances in life

Photojojo – quirky photo products – I don’t often buy, but fun to look at!

Shutter Sisters – an inspirational blog of photographs and writings by a collective of amazing creative women

Simplemom and the creative mama

The lonely planet Community blog – I love to read about travels and could easily spend all day reading travel blogs – and much as I don’t like to create too much waste I do subscribe in the real world to the Lonely Planet travel magazine – which I devour each month when it arrives in my mailbox!

I also read some Green Parenting blogs – they help keep me on the right track!!

As far as photography blogs go, well it doesn’t always pay to be comparing yourself to others – I’ve evolved my style of photography over the years and it’s constantly evolving – I do however, read plenty of blogs on the business side of photography, cos business efficiency and not spending half my life balancing my books and all that back office stuff that is an area I seriously need to work on!!!!Kirsty-Larmour06

Where did you get your super cute camera straps from?  Hubby bought them for me a birthday / Christmas presents – I think they were from www.trendycamerastraps.comKirsty-Larmour01

What’s your favourite food? Hmmm, I think I mentioned in a recent post that I love India because they totally get vegetarianism – and being a long, long time veggie I think Indian food (especially chaat) tops the list – closely followed by Mexican (esp margaritas – yes that’s a drink but it has fruit in it!!) and Thai – red curries every time!Kirsty-Larmour04

And if there’s anything else you want to know about me then pop on over to my formspring page  and feel free to ask away!Kirsty-Larmour05

Until next time, Kirsty x

Kristen - Wonderful post Kirsty!! I got to the end and went back to the start and read it again! And fab pics to go along with it {gives props to Mr Larmour} :D xx

Janine - Wow Kirsty, I knew you were talented but this has shown you in a whole new light! Amazing Earth Mother/Photographer. What a great family, I really enjoyed reading it.
xo hope you had a lovely birthday.

Katie - Fabulous Kirsty – I love the way you multi task and just seem to take life in your stride, x

Khadijah - This was a nice read! Now i feel like i know a little bit more about you. Gorgeous family and pics. i love how you make traveling with kids so calm looking.. Good on you!

Vinita - What a fab post…Thanks for sharing…I had a great time reading it! Have to agree with you on the India bit..such connection you have! So lovely and evident to see!

Becky - What a great post!!! That was such great information about you and I love seeing you with two tots!!

Alan - Excellent post Kirsty. Love your Camo baby carrier too!!

Kristy - I seriously loved this post!! I have never really got the chance to travel, so I love seeing all your wonderful pictures!! It was awesome to get to know {you}!!!
Loved it :)

*rpwe* - how fun are your holiday happy snaps… looks like you had a great time and you are so so brave, not to mention strong carrying not only 1 but sometimes 2 children around… AMAZING!

Gopi Krishnan K.B - Loved your post…. simply superb

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Annarichie - My friend is in Dubai and posted in her Facebook to like Sam in your contest then I saw you have a blog! I just love your photos and they are right u just want to go back and read your about me ” over and over again! You are an amazing mom and photographer !

2 sweeties ♥ Abu Dhabi child photographer

Check this out for the most gorgeous older brother… giving little sis Phoebe flowers to play with during our photo session… 1, 2, 3, aaaaahhhhh….abu-dhabi-child-photographe

They were such a gorgeous pair of sweeties.abu-dhabi-child-photograph2Sorry, this is short on pics but we’re all suffering coughs and colds in our house and I’ve had a baby permanently attached to me – making work stuff pretty hard!! Claire please forgive me, better a few than none at all… thanks for a lovely morning with you all, Kirsty xx

Tracy - aawwwww that is so cute! definitely one to look back on in a few years when they’re pulling each others hair etc :))

21 memories of our trip to Kerala | Abu Dhabi Travel Photographer

Warning – this is long – you might want to grab yourself a cup of tea!!!  Finally I’ve had a chance to sit down and go through some of our holiday photos – I can’t believe it was back in November that we went to India – wow. I was intending to put these into a series of posts as there are so many, but cos it’s been so long I think I’ll do it all at once. They’re just a few (seriously I could have shared hundreds it was such an awesome trip) of our snapshots – I don’t take my big pro gear on holidays – I have enough to carry with two small children!!!india02

india01I’m borrowing this idea from another photographer, but I thought I’d make a list of some of my most unforgetable memories about the trip – the good, the bad, the things that made it what it was….

21 memories of our trip to India….

  1. a 2am flight on an Indian budget airline perhaps wasn’t the most restful start –no sleep on broken chair, with baby on lap… plus turbulence – not a good mix for me – I felt like I’d been on a merry go round (which the kids were later on)!india06
  2. Cochin – the most adorable chilled, laid back little place – with fishermen, and islands and churches and people celebrating Eidindia04india05india03
  3. the girls looked like street urchins by day two – grubby faces, dirty fingernails and scuffed knees – but huge toothy smiles through it allindia13india12
  4. gardens – staying in homestays meant space for our garden deprived children to run around to their hearts content – making Mummy’s heart singindia08
  5. The three generations of this family who took us under their wings and made us part of their family for the few days we were with them – you don’t get hospitality like that just anywhere. Within half an hour of our arrival Saffy had had her hair brushed and re-plaited. Indy’s face had been washed and they’d been introduced to all the extended familyindia15india14
  6. falling into bed at the end of the first day – all four of us in one huuuuuuuuuge bed and just before drifting off to sleep, realising it was actually only 7pm back home in Abu Dhabi!
  7. food – homecooked, homegrown, fresh, healthy, tasty = singing tastebuds! (not to mention that Indians TOTALLY get vegetarianism!)india33
  8. colours – everywhere – India hits all 5 of your senses full on in the face and nothing more so than the vibrant colour everywhere, everywhere.india16india31india29
  9. water, water everywhere – which made everything lush and oh, so, green, greeeeeeeen….india21india30
  10. Transport – Part 1: auto rickshaws – we took more of them than any other mode of transport and every time we got in one Saffy sang for the whole journey – she loved them! And nothing is more wonderful than your child singing with joy when they enjoy something so much.india35
  11. Transport – Part 2 – Busses: the bus from Cochin to Aleppy – me, 2 girls on my lap, and 4 other women, all squashed onto a 3 person seat, and the way there are no barriers – food gets shared, songs get sung, chat is exchanged about destinations and journeys – no one complains – it is what it is…
  12. Transport – Part 3 – Trains: he trains – I’m a train junkie and love to take train journeys – there’s something so wonderful about train travel – so soothing – that you don’t get with any other mode of transport – I can sit and watch the world go by from a train window all day longindia24india34
  13. Transport – Part 4 – Ambassador cars: the feeling of being transported back to the days of the Raj (I know they’re probably not that old) – I feel like a little girl going in an old car!
  14. backwater boat trip – one of the best AED500 spent – ever! Peaceful, relaxing, stunning, restful, and all while being waited on by 3 boatboys who really could not have been more helpful. If you ever go to Kerala, you must NOT miss a boat trip!!india19india20india37 Go to sleep having seen the sun go down like this…..india22and wake up to this….india23Bliss….
  15. Relaxing with a beer on the balcony or the beach listening to the waves of the Arabian Sea / Indian Ocean – and watching the girls do their sun dance as they waved goodbye to it.india27india28
  16. hammocks big enough for the whole family, or swings for the girls – made to make you relax…india17india25india26
  17. Shopping for textiles and handmade items at cooperatives where you knew the money was actually going to benefit the people that made the things you bought.india09india10india11
  18. Time – just having 8 uninterrupted days to spend together – with no email, no facebook, no work, no TV, no…. nothing but US time for the four of us.
  19. Watching Saffy climb a tree for the first time – simple pleasures which we had as kids that apartment living children don’t getindia36
  20. ankle bells that the girls got for being good on the boat, and not requiring us to jump overboard on a life saving mission – their giddiness as they jingle jangled as they ran around with their new anklets
  21. Smilesindia07– everywhere –india32welcoming people –india18I can’t wait to go back…..

Kirsty xx

21 memories of our trip to Kerala | Abu Dhabi Travel Photographer … | Indian Today - [...] original here: 21 memories of our trip to Kerala | Abu Dhabi Travel Photographer … Share and [...]

SarahB - fantastic photos Kirsty – looks like a fab time had by all – I loved reading all about it

Kate - I love how you make taking kids to India seem as easy as taking them to Disneyland!!! The gorgeous happy face pics say it all

helke - kirsty, so many beautiful memories, colours, smiles and time to relax! saffy and indy always holding hands as two great sisters and mr larmour making some shots of you! thanks for sharing

Natalie - What a feast for your eyes – beautiful photos, and I loved reading your comments too! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing! :-)

Angus - Stunning KB. It’s only a matter of time before the travel mags come calling. Have you thought of offering these to airline inflight mags? Having just back from PI in the last few hours, it’s worth a thought as the next step.

Hella - love them, gald that you guys had a great time :)

Vinita - GORGEOUS Kirsty! So lovely…I loved Kerala too…Now I miss home! All the colours and your girls fit right in..May have been Indian in their last lifetime!

Louise - Beautiful – I love the sunset one with the man right between the trees – talk about caught at the exact right moment. And of course the girls are beautiful and look so happy – which is just as it should be.

Kati - goodness…all your photos make me want to visit India. :) Lovely post. xx Kati

Angie Baxter - What a gorgeous holiday and beautiful photos. So lovely to see you in some :)

Tina F - These are amazing. Great work!

Christina - Gorgeous images – thanks for the lunchtime escape from reality ;)

Melissa - These are such fun photos, Kirsty! They make me wish I were there:)

bonnie - Just catching up on your blog, wow, like usual! I want to come on you next holiday! Love all these pics but S&I smiling together is a beauty x

shinoy - Nice pictures…. :)
I am sharing a few snaps which i took with my mobile camera,
Hope you will enjoy watching it

Xin Nian Kuai Le | Happy Chinese New Year » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - [...] and we have numeous items from there including jie jie and mei mei rucksacks which come on all our travels with us!)They don’t get many occasions to wear their Chinese dresses so they wore them again [...]

Some pics from China to celebrate the new year » Letters from the Larmours - [...] and we have numeous items from there including jie jie and mei mei rucksacks which come on all our travels with us!)They don’t get many occasions to wear their Chinese dresses so they wore them again [...]

On a run…. |Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I am now on a 2010 run – a run of just gorgeous families – wow, I am soooo excited if the year continues like this… I don’t even need to think of any more words… just check them out…..abu-dhabi-photographer-1503

abu-dhabi-photographer-1502abu-dhabi-photographer-1501I love this family photo – Mum and Dad sat down and the kids just sat like that with them – no promting from me and it just made the perfect framing and gave such a laid back feel.abu-dhabi-photographer-1504

Thanks for a great morning – I loved meeting all of you, plus the Hamster with the longest name in the world and all 10 fish!!  I’ll chat to you soon, Kirsty xx

Kristen - Beautiful images, so happy and relaxed :)

Vinita - Ohhh absolutely truly gorgeous! You found such great light!

Angie Baxter - Love love the family shot!!! Gorgeously framed. x

Christina - Beautiful family — great job as always!

2010.. here we come | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I could not have started my 2010 sessions any better than this…. I’d chatted several times to Mum before the session – in fact, over the last 6 or 8 months – that’s how long we’ve been planning this – so I felt I knew them all already, and they were gorgeous….Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-03

Little Miss Lana hardly stayed still the whole session – but when she did I knew it was a beautiful moment…Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-02

And as for Faris – isn’t he the most adorable 5 year old?Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-01

And he’s an amazing big brother to his little livewire sister.Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-05

and he worships his gorgeous parents….Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-04

I loved finally meeting you guys and can’t wait to share the rest of your photos with you, Kirsty x

Katie - What a beautiful family – I love the black and white picture, the connection you’ve captured is just gorgeous

Tracy - fab start to the new year! The brother sister one is definitely one to treasure x

Hella - Kirstyyyyyyyyyyy i love them :) thanks alo tfor everything, they are amazing

loved Farris and Lana pic

Thank alot :) you made my day

Hella - It was really nice meeting you at last, we had great time :)

can’t wait to see the rest

thank you Katie and Tracy :)

KS Green - What a beautiful family – amazing job Kirsty

F a c e b o o k
N e w s