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2010.. here we come | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I could not have started my 2010 sessions any better than this…. I’d chatted several times to Mum before the session – in fact, over the last 6 or 8 months – that’s how long we’ve been planning this – so I felt I knew them all already, and they were gorgeous….Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-03

Little Miss Lana hardly stayed still the whole session – but when she did I knew it was a beautiful moment…Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-02

And as for Faris – isn’t he the most adorable 5 year old?Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-01

And he’s an amazing big brother to his little livewire sister.Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-05

and he worships his gorgeous parents….Abu-Dhabi-Family-photo-04

I loved finally meeting you guys and can’t wait to share the rest of your photos with you, Kirsty x

  • Katie - What a beautiful family – I love the black and white picture, the connection you’ve captured is just gorgeous

  • Tracy - fab start to the new year! The brother sister one is definitely one to treasure x

  • Hella - Kirstyyyyyyyyyyy i love them :) thanks alo tfor everything, they are amazing

    loved Farris and Lana pic

    Thank alot :) you made my day

  • Hella - It was really nice meeting you at last, we had great time :)

    can’t wait to see the rest

    thank you Katie and Tracy :)

  • KS Green - What a beautiful family – amazing job Kirsty

And the winner is…. Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Thank you, thank you, to all of you who took the time to vote in the Kirsty Larmour Picture of the year 2009 poll. I had votes from all corners of the world, and some of the things you said were so heartwarming – so thank you.

And in response to the massive response I’ve decided to be even more generous with the prizes and to offer three.

So, in joint runner up postion – Image E and F will soon have an 8 x 12 block print of their picture to adorn their wall.2ndplace

And I’m thrilled to announce that the WINNER IS…… Image J – Congratulations to the 100% adorable Wood Family – I will be paying you a visit with a 12 x 16 inch block print of the gorgeous picture of the three of you very soon.abu-dhabi-pic-2009-12

So now that the pressure is off it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy a review of 2009 – playing this slideshow makes me feel really quite emotional when I think of all the wonderful people 2009 brought into my life, and those who I was lucky enough to connect with again. People who trusted me to make art for their walls and memories to carry through their lives….. People who embraced my whole live, laugh, love philosophy…. There are some unseen pictures (including of me!) and some outtakes in here too!! (bonus points for whoever spots what my own little cheeky monkey is up to!!) 


Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, and bring on 2010,

love, Kirsty x

(PS Edited to say that if you’re reading this in Reader, or email or Facebook you’ll have to nip on over to the blog to see the slideshow – it’s well worth it!! xx)

  • Sarah B - wow, wow, wow, just gorgeous Kirsty. And well done to picture J – they are truly beautiful

  • Nozomi - Love it love it. You’re doing so well. Am soooo impressed!

  • Catherine - Oh my goodness, they are **ALL** so great!!

    On an artistic note, I particularly like the way the feet are in family F – the Dad, then the Mum, then the little one… So cute!!! Would be a nice image, just on it’s own :-)


  • Kirsten - What incredible photos.

  • Ashique - beautiful ! beautiful ! & beautiful !!!

    great Job Kirsty……. clap clap clap :)

  • Ashique - i would like to work with you !

  • Tracy - Congratulations to Paula and family, so pleased that my favourite won! Kirsty I love the slideshow – so many amazing photos. Can’t wait to see what you do in 2010 and am glad i’ve got you booked already for 2011!!! xxx

  • Kati - love love LOVE your slide show! Amazing photographer you are! Laughed out loud when I saw your monkey when her finger in her nose. I too seem to have plenty of these images. hugs from the other side of the world. ~Kati

  • Lindsey - It isn’t an understatement that the Wood Family is 100% adorable!! Inside AND out:)
    Great picture!

  • Llinos - wow, i’m so impressed.

  • Louise - I LOVE it Kirsty! What a gorgeous review of the year – and Indy is too funny!!

  • Jen Gentry - Kristy! Your work from the past year is beautiful! Here’s to another year just like it :)

  • Khadijah - Wow Kirsty, such a beautiful year you had.. The slideshow leaves this fuzzy feeling on you! Well Well well Done!

  • Deema - Wow Kirsty Amaaaaazing! Hope 2010 will be even better & better ..

  • Hella - love it

Subscribing | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I often suggest to people, especially clients that they subscribe to the blog – but people don’t always know what that means so I thought I’d give a little tutorial.  For me, subscribing to blogs (or to RSS feeds) is a HUGE timesaver. It means all the things I want to read updates on are saved in one place and I don’t have to trawl through my favourite sites to see what’s new.

I subscribe to around 50 sites from news items to friends updates to fellow photographers sites (stalker me? Noooooo!! ;-)) It could be a really long process clicking on each bookmarked site only to find there were no new updates… so that’s why I got me some google reader action.  That means where ever I am, whatever computer I’m on I can sign in and see what’s new.  There are lots of feed or RSS (which stands for really simple syndication) readers out there but if you have gmail then google reader is super easy (others include bloglines or newsgator or a whole load of others) and you don’t need a gmail account to sign up even. 


So why should I subscribe?

  • It saves you huge amounts of time by keeping track of all your favourite things in one place
  • It’s free!
  • You get to read all the blog yumminess without a massive effort on your part

So, how do you do it? 

  • You sign up with one of the afore mentioned feed readers – did I mention I love Google reader??!! (and if you sign up for reader you don’t have to have a gmail account)
  • You add Kirsty Larmour Photography
  • You add your other favourite blogs or sites with the RSS logo – the orange logo above
  • You sign in every so often and get to sit back and read all the new stuff – voila!

Other ways of keeping up to date include signing up for the free email subscription service – fill in your email address and submit, then click the link that gets emailed to you to verify you really want to subscribe by email. Or, become a fan on Facebook – or do this as well because sometimes I may have interesting things or promotions that only get shared with my Facebook Fans.


Click on the RSS badge to subscribe, and click on the Facebook button and become a fan!

Oh, and subscribing to blogs can get addictive!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Kirsty x

  • Sarah B - Great idea cos I really had no idea what subscribing meant until you explained to me – and now I’m a blog addict!!! LOL!!

  • Angus - Never mind that, what did I win in the competition?

2009 Picture of the Year ♥ Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

** UPDATE – Friday 8th January – Voting is now closed – come back soon to see the results **

2009 was an amazing year for me. I met so many new people that I’m now lucky enough to be able to call friends – and this is work!!! Did I ever mention that I love my job!

Well I’ve just had my toughest challenge yet – picking out a top 12 for you, my clients and my friends, to choose just one Kirsty Larmour Photography picture of the year. Actually I didn’t just pick these myself, my clients chose them – some you’ll have seen before on the site or on the blog, but some you won’t have – many of these are pictures that my Clients ordered this year because THEY loved them! In particular these are ones that they ordered large as wall mounts, or as album spreads.

Please vote for your favourite image by leaving a comment below, with the image letter which is above the picture you want to nonimate. Please keep things fair by only voting once per person (I can check IP addresses so I’ll know!) but spread the word and email your friends and family and get them to vote too, and share on Facebook (Facebook comments won’t count so please comment on the blog itself!) - if you’re reading in a reader or by email subscription then also please visit the blog to vote.

The winning family will receive a copy of their print as a 8 x 12 block print ready to hang on the wall.  Good Luck!!

Image Aabu-dhabi-pic-2009-01

Image Babu-dhabi-pic-2009-02

Image Cabu-dhabi-pic-2009-04

Image Dabu-dhabi-pic-2009-03

Image Eabu-dhabi-pic-2009-06

Image Fabu-dhabi-pic-2009-05

Image Gabu-dhabi-pic-2009-07

Image Habu-dhabi-pic-2009-13

Image Iabu-dhabi-pic-2009-10

Image Jabu-dhabi-pic-2009-12

Image Kabu-dhabi-pic-2009-14

Image Labu-dhabi-pic-2009-09

You have until Midnight on Thursday 7th January, 2010 to vote.

See you again soon, Kirsty x

  • KS Green - That is reeeeeally tough for someone who doesn’t know any of these people! I’m going to vote for image E though – she’s gorgeous

  • Kristen - Oh boy, this is sooooo hard – they are all amazing you talented lady!! So I’m tossing up between L and J….do I have to choose? Do I really??? Okay well, if I am forced to choose I would say have to say J…but only by a teensy bit!! xx K

  • Tracy - I will be fair and not vote for the amazing picture of my 2 – so will go for the beautiful j.
    Very difficult choice though, but the babies always make me go aaah :)

  • sara - They are all so beautiful.
    I vote K.
    You are so talented honey. x

  • Lucy Medlicott - What a hard choice! Gotta go with Image C though – really lovely …

  • Louise - That’s hard Kirsty – but I’d want A on my wall if I had 3 such gorgeous kids – it’s just fun and happy

  • anisa adamson - i absolutley love image H !!!!!!

  • Sharon McEneff - I think J is lovely but always a fan of B&W photos, the fact that you have all 3 of them smiling is great.

  • Lynn Beattie - What beautiful pictures! definately H

  • Mum - Hard to choose but I vote for E so peaceful & unaware she’s lovely

  • Lindsey - For sure picture J. What a doll!!! :)

  • Kylie Le Gonidec - always extremely hard to choose – but ‘e’ for me.thankyou

  • Stuart P-T - It has to be image G!

  • Keith Roberts - Picture H – they look beautiful

  • Sarah Beattie - They are all such lovely pictures – I vote for H

  • Diana Hanna - Hard to choose only one . I’ll go for “J”…

  • Michaele Brown - Picture B for sure! You did a great job of capturing the sheer joy the baby is feeling in that moment.

  • Mairi Clare - I just have to choose F – the baby just looks so peaceful and innocent

  • wendy de Ridder - It has to be H, those blue eyes are to die for.

  • Todd B - I am a huge fan of black and white photos and I think this is a great picture of a beautiful family. Love that all 3 are smiling. They look truly happy!

  • Todd B - Sorry, I forgot to mention my vote is for photo J.

  • Jennifer - My vote is for image J. What a sweet looking baby!

  • Angela - J all the way!

  • Katrina - I vote for J. They are a beautiful family and that baby is gorgeous!

  • Nicole S L - I would have to vote for “I” ! Love the surfboard & sleeping baby !

  • Leah - Great photos! J is my fav! :)

  • Deema - i vote for F for sure :)

  • Glenda - Definitely J for sure.

  • Judy Tapp - I vote for image J

  • Anna - Image E gets my vote, the baby is sooo cute!

  • Teresa - I vote for J.

  • Cari - I vote for J. What a beautiful and happy family!

  • Rob - I vote for K, they all look great!

  • Joe A Bordeaux - All these pictures are great, but i think image C stands out above the rest.

  • Kim - I vote J

  • Angus - E – I took a few similar photos of Mickey, but always with bubbles coming out of his mouth. He’ll treasure them in years to come!

  • Maryna - ….I vote for J……

  • Hamda - Go Yazzy (E)

  • Khadijah - Image E! Go Yazy! :D

  • Claire - Another vote for E

  • Jeni - I vote for image J!! Great pic!!

  • Kristy - Wow Kirsty, really we have to choose just 1…..
    this is tough!!!
    I think I’m going to go with K
    but D & E were close!!
    Very lovely captures!!!

  • Angie J - great pics! But definitely like ” J ” the best! What a beautiful family!

  • Susie - J all the way….gorgeous family!!

  • Ricky - I vote for J.

  • Momma G - I vote for j. My beautiful baby girl.

  • Christina - Love B :)

  • debbie - Beautiful family. So happy and all so beautiful. Picture C

  • Ronali - Loving IMAGE B. Justeen agrees too :)

  • Travis and Kirsty - Wow, all great photos, but we will have to go for B! Just Adorable

Happy New Year * Abu Dhabi Photographer

Happy New Year to you all and may 2010 be filled with wonderful blessings, happiness and peace for all of us.  I know I have a very exciting year ahead and I can’t wait to get started,  (though I’ve gotta tell you, my girls slept till 8:30 this morning, and that is the BEST start to a new year ever!!!!!).

First of all, thank you for some wonderful nominations for Giving is Awesome. I have had lumps in my throat, tears in my eye and felt moved beyond belief. It’s wonderful to know there are such compassionate people in our community here in Abu Dhabi and I have chosen a family I feel are truly deserving as winners. I’ll be in touch with them, and their nominee soon, and I can’t wait to meet this family.

In response to customer feedback I am excited to be introducing tiered collections for 2010. These will offer great value savings over the a la carte prices and reflect the boutique products that my customers have been falling in love with during 2009. And watch the boutique for some amazing new products – including an album which will seriously Rock-your-socks off – every coffee table needs one!!!

And because we always need some pictures, this is what Santa brought for me…abu-dhabi-new-year01

a limited edition “Pretty in Pink – Holgawood” camera, (so cute and so retro), and the most adorable nedckace, handstamped with a “S” and an “I” on flowers (very ME!!) from The Vintage Pearl - am I a lucky girl or what?

So here’s hoping Santa was good to those of you celebrating too – and to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010, love, Kirsty x

  • KS Green - Wow – cute camera and gorgeous necklace – well done Tommy! And Happy New Year

Merry Christmas | Abu Dhabi Photographer

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2010 to all my clients and friends. It’s been a month of celebrations, starting with Thanksgiving and Eid, all the way up to now – and that has meant some craziness for me here rushing around to make sure that you all had HUGE wall art on display for when family come to visit, or you had a suitcase full of prints to share with relatives back home, or you had amazing (if I do say so myself!) Christmas cards to post around the world, or keepsake albums to gift to Granny or to sit beautifully on your coffee tables – it’s been wonderful catching up with so many of you.

I am taking a break from work for a few days – but I have had a few emails asking where my India holiday photos are so I may try and find a chance to share some here.  If I do then you’ll need to grab a cuppa – it’ll be a long post!!

In the meantime I’ll share a couple of festive pics from my family (the cards we sent out have already been shared here!) – the girls are truly getting in the Christmas spirit this year and it’s just wonderful and so much fun. The first are them decorating the tree earlier in the week (yes, I know, we were very late – told you I’d been busy!!) and then 2 of them when we took Granny and Grandad to see Santa this afternoon – they are so excited about having them here.christmas09-01.christmas09-02.christmas09-03.A very Happy Holidays to you all, with love, Kirsty xx

(PS Dear Santa, any chance of me getting a new version of Photoshop? Mine has is very tempremental and refused to even open all day and I’ve had to post these images SOOC – I promise I’ve been good all year… love, Kirsty xx)

  • Kristen - Beautiful images of your beautiful girls Kirsty…Merry Christmas from down under…xxoo

  • SarahB - Merry Christas to you too – and I’m sure 2010 be a wonderful year for you, xx

  • Kati - too cute!! Such lovely girls you have. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  • Steph - Gorgeous as always………..Hope Santa brought CS4!!

  • Louise - Merry, Merry Christmas – to you and your beautiful family, xxx

  • KS Green - Gorgeous – hope you had a wonderful Christmas Kirsty – and 2010 is sure to bring fantastic things your way, xxx

  • Christina - Ahhhh, I’m so behind — belated Christmas greetings and Happy 2010! Your girls are so adorable!

Rain * Abu Dhabi Children Photographer

It rained, in Abu Dhabi, and it caused great excitement!!! (this was the day before it caused floods and choas of course!) Seriously, we get like 3 days a year and the kids can’t wait to go out and play in puddles and dance around with umbrellas – and here they are having fun….abu-dhabi-rain-02abu-dhabi-rain-03abu-dhabi-rain-01

Till next time, Kirsty xx

  • Caitlin - What fun pictures! They’re so pretty and bright, you’d almost never know it was raining!

  • Louise - Your girls are beautiful – and you did some great styling there Kirsty!!

  • Kirsty - Lou, they were on their way to a party – hence the cute outfits – Indy sat in a puddle though and had a rather soggy and dirty bottom by the time we arrived!!!

  • Kristy - Oh my your girls are gorgeous!!!
    What great captures you got of them playing in the rain!!!

  • azza - i love your captures..they are so bright and colorful and yeah! sooo pretty giiiirls ;)

  • Lena (P4P) - I love these photos! My absolute favorite one is the one center one in the second raw – the look of joy on the little one’s face is priceless!

  • Muddy Puddles | Abu Dhabi Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - [...] that’s been a long time reader of my blog knows that when it rains here in Abu Dhabi it causes great excitement! We really don’t get much of it! So as is [...]

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