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Under the weather | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

My 2 girls have both been feeling very, very sorry for themselves this week and I’ve been spending a lot of time on trying to nurse them back to full health again… and in doing so caught the nasty cold they had myself.  I’ve managed to carry on without re-scheduling any shoots (but with huge thanks to those people who have had to endure a slightly off colour Kirsty – even making me natural remedies to speed my recovery – and I think it worked!) but as about 80% of my work is beind a computer rather than behind a camera I’m a little behind on blogging, on emailing, on editing, on talking to my printers, uploading galleries, backing up, dealing with orders… etc… etc…

I know as so many of my wonderful customers are Mums too that you’ll understand my girls have to come first, but I just wanted to thank you for your patience while we’ve all been under the weather…… Anyway, I think, after a week of seeing poor Indy looking sorrier for herself than I’ve ever seen either of my children, we’re turning a corner, so if you’re waiting for something from me, thank you for hanging on and I’ll be in touch soon…

Here’s my little Indy in a peaceful moment – when she wasn’t sobbing, or coughing, or sneezing, or having her nose wiped…August-ill

Sometimes it takes something like your baby being ill though for you to cherish simple pleasures like the comfort of having them fall asleep in your arms – and the fact that all they need to feel safe and secure is those very arms…..  Kirsty x

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  • Louise - Poor little sweetie – hope they, and you are getting better now – try to take it easy – but gorgeous peaceful photo – I love sleeping baby photos – check her eyelashes out! xx

  • TL - Kirsty! You’ve got it right…family first is one of our “mottos”. I sincerely pray for a speedy recovery (and some good solid rest)for you guys. Take the time you need–you cant rush art anyways. Your lil one looks like an angel 🙂

  • Mommy3Bs - I applaud this Kirsty: knowing just how much time and how much of your soul you put in to each and every customer and their session, and after (which is also totally apparent in the picures you produce), just occasionally something has to give – take care of your darling family – recover well, and come back and inspire us with more beautiful art. Hugs, x

  • SarahB - Amen to that – nothing better than remembering from time to time that your child needs you, and you need them too – Indy is such a peaceful little angel, <3 x

  • Kirsty - Thank you for the well wishes everyone – we’re all doing much better and I’ll be back up to speed soon – but it’s lovely to know I have such wonderful customers who both care, and understand (and it’s true, you can’t rush art!!) thank you, xx

  • Bonnie - This pic is so beautiful it makes me want to cry X

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