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Kate’s Mother Blessing ● Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

Kate is one of those people who just draws others to her; a simply a wonderful lady. She’s an antenatal educator here in Abu Dhabi, but not only that, she’s a doula (read up here), and, yes, there’s more, she has created an amazing network of doulas here in the UAE through her doula training weekends – she has transformed the options available to pregnant women in Abu Dhabi and further, through education, awareness and her absolute enthusiasm for what she does.  Kate is expecting her own 3rd child, so I was delighted when the group of girls who were organising her mother blessing asked if I’d join them and take some photos as a memento for Kate as she progresses on her next journey into motherhood.


It was an afternoon of motherhood, of sisterhood, of support, of bonding, of sharing, of fun, and laughter and a few tears.   There was belly dancing, henna, cakes, balloons, readings, candles and beading, to list but a few of the things to celebrate Kate’s pregnancy.  


And for all the lovely ladies there, here’s a taster for you, which I hope encompasses all the themes running through Kate’s special afternoon as our birthing goddess….



It was an honour to spend the afternoon with you, until next time, Kirsty x


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  • Nicola Philbin - They really capture the day…



  • Mommy3B's - Love the henna belly art, looks like lots of fun!

  • Kate - Kirsty – they are so beautiful. I am so excited to frame this collage. Such powerful memories of this group of awesome women around me. I’m excited about this baby’s birth. Thank you!

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