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Explorer | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

I’m working on pictures inspired by this… with a little of this thrown in… and some of these on the side….. Can’t wait to get them finished… Kirsty xx

Rock the Casbah | Abu Dhabi Commercial Photographer

So you know how passionate I am about photography? And travel? And how I have a mild obsession with dressing my girls in gorgeous, unique, handcrafted designs? Well imagine if I got to do all of that? Together? Oh yeah, that’s the kind of stuff that gives me palpitations!!! So, there I am, e-chatting away…

Just a few more, and a Real Style your Shoot

Indulge me just a few more of the girls from when we did our family shoot. I loved them being able to play in fields of long grass, and blow dandelion clocks – for the first time ever, and to pick daisies – it was pure bliss to watch my apartment living girls without toys…

Style your Shoot Live – My sunflower girl | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I’ve had a few emails about the cute little outfits Indy was wearing for her birthday photo shoot – and I get asked about the ruffle jeans the whole time – both girls have them and they are sooooo sweet! Green and White top from Genmarie White trousers from Chateau de Sable (local branch in…

Style Your Shoot – Rock Chick | Abu Dhabi Photographer

The whole idea for Saffy’s Rock Chick shoot (see this post if you haven’t seen it) stemmed from an outfit Granny and Grandad give Saffy for Christmas. She decided she wanted to expand on the rock chick look from there.  For anyone who thinks their child won’t be in to the idea of a photo…

Match Your Decor – Style your Shoot Special | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I know some of you out there will think I’m sightly crazy and neurotic for this post but I also know there will be some of you who just totally relate.  Match your clothing to your decor??? What??? Hello???? OCD alert!!! Well really, it makes sense –  think about where are you going to display…

Real Style your Shoot | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I haven’t done a Style Your Shoot in a long time – if you’re looking for ideas of how to put outfits together for your shoot then check the Style your Shoot category. Something that always surprises me is that I get emails asking where I get my own kids stuff from – apparently they…

Style your Shoot – Oranges and Limes | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

This is the style your shoot I was going to post a couple of weeks ago. I totally luuuurve this colour combination – it’s so fresh and vibrant but without being too over the top. This family read my mind though on the colours so I thought I’d wait a couple of weeks to post…

Style your Shoot – Autumnal | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

September is the start of autumn in many places – but given that we don’t really get an autumn with leaves falling from trees and big temperature drops I’ve kept the clothes summery, but in autumnal tones. Again, all from GAP because they just mix and match really well.Happy Stylin’, Kirsty x

Style your Shoot – Summer at the Beach | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I’m thinking I’m going to try and post Style your Shoots every Saturday for a while…. (don’t hold me to it cos things might get a bit crazy round here, but I promise to try!!) Saturday is the start of the week in our house – T works for an Arab company who still have…

Style your Shoot – Denim Favourites | Abu Dhabi Photographer

The Number One question I get asked before a shoot is “What shall we wear” and I say Keep it Simple!  We all want to look our best in photos – but it all gets a bit complicated when you have multiple family members and all need to coordinate nicely. I’m not a big fan of…

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