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Style Your Shoot – Earth Tones | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Oh my goodness, I am slack, slack, slack – or read that as busy, busy, busy…. I have some gorgeous stuff to blog, but in the meantime I’ve had my nuckles rapped again for not posting the Style Your Shoot on a Saturday again, as I said I would – sorryyyyyyyy!!!

This week I’m going for a more natural look, with an earth tones based collection – again, all from GAP – don’t hate me, stuff’s just so easy to mix and match from there! And I don’t know why I did it with 2 girls outfits and none for a boy, but sometimes it’s tough coordinating 2 girls, so they don’t wear the same but within the same colour palette. I also love the idea of only one being in a pattern, but the other one having some kind of embellishment so as not to fade into the background… anyway, I’m rambling now (my customers will confirm I have a tendency to do so!).earthtones-2girls

I really like this one – may even have to investigate these for my own next photoshoot!

Happy Stylin’, Kirsty x

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