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The Travelling Dress Collective

The travelling dress collective is a beautiful ongoing project where multiple photographers each with their own style and view of the world photograph the same dress to make their own unique visions come alive. I was fascinated by the project and the way different photographers brought varied and individual elements to the project and always…

Dear Photographer | The Colour Edition

I was recently published in the beautiful Dear Photographer Magazine. One of the most amazing feelings when you are creating something visual is seeing your work displayed or in print. When it’s a print publication that leads and uplifts the industry and they actually approach you because they think your work would be perfect for…

The Photographers Gift Guide 2016

What do you buy for the Photographer you love? It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, Eid or another special occasion we photographers rarely want photography gear for Christmas – we want the lovely extras, the fun things, the special things, the things that make us feel good – especially if we’re already in…

Photography on the Fly | an e-learning course by Kirsty Larmour

It was a HUGE honour to be asked to speak at the ClickinMoms Click Away conference a few years ago, and even though I always thought I’d never want to teach photography I LOVED it!!!! So, having had so much fun it was even HUGER to be asked to write a Break Out for Click Photo…

Fun Photo Project – Photobooth!

In much of the world people have rainy day fun projects – we have hot day indoor projects and I love doing fun photo projects with my kids that help to create memories for us all, not to mention fun things to hang on our walls – this was one we did one weekend last…

At the Temple | Abu Dhabi / India Child Photographer

I mentioned in my January Project 10 that we’d just come back from India. We spent a couple of days in Chennai, a wonderful, vibrant city in the south, before we headed over to the amazing Andaman Islands. I feel so lucky that my kids have taken to travelling so incredibly well, that they’re fascinated…

Kirsty Larmour Photography – A review of 2011

2011 – what a year!!!! I totally intended to post this remotely on New Years Eve while I was away but it turns our my hubby had picked a holiday destination with no cell phone signal or internet – oh it was bliss – but really I digress… what I need to talk about is…

Bokeh Fun Photo Project

This morning I needed a fun project to keep the girls amused on their first day home from school – enter bokeh fun… perfect for some Christmas time sparkliness…. Now I should enter a disclaimer that I do think I must be ever so slightly crazy to mix 2 kids, lots of glitter and 3…

Dreaming of a White Christmas…..

There is just something so magical about a white Christmas…..  I caught these precious moments of snow and sparkle fun during our white Christmas in England last year… sigh….. Hope you’re all getting into the festive spirit, Kirsty xx

Fun Photo Projects

I’m always doing little fun photo projects with my kids – some quite and easy, and some which take a little longer – and I love to make them part of the decor around our flat. This one the girls have loved doing and building up over time. We use my instax camera – which…

Project 10-October | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Wow, is it really already October??? I have so much to blog, so much to edit, so much to do in general… but it also means it’s time for another Project 10 with my fabulous group of fellow photographers from around the world (read about how we got started here) I did my shooting for…

Announcement | Petite Sessions 2011

Petite sessions announced on Facebook on Thursday are filling up fast – if there’s enough interest I might schedule one more date too…. Kirsty x

Finally | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

I’ve dawdled a long time on this… it’s a “pheweeee, finally!!!” moment on two counts – finally I got around to doing Indy’s 3rd birthday shoot – she turned 3 in March – bad Mummy..And finally I got a lensbaby…. it’s been on my wish list for so long (I asked Father Christmas for it…

Beauty | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

Meet Julia…. she is one of the most gorgeous children I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet…. For our shoot she was lucky enough to have this adorable dress donated by Lilipops Designs and headbands from Knots (go on over and like them on Facebook, and remember my clients can get money off for Lilipops too :-D)-…

Explorer | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

I’m working on pictures inspired by this… with a little of this thrown in… and some of these on the side….. Can’t wait to get them finished… Kirsty xx

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Hi, I'm Kirsty, a lifestyle photographer and photography educator who lives in India. My approach to photography is to capture real life – with a little sparkle on top fueled by my obsession with pretty light. I want to treasure the moments that need to be remembered.

Grab a cup of tea and have a roam around my blog to see my photography style and ideas. (Check out the Details section up there on the menu bar, and the FAQ's for lots of info too). I post pictures on here from recent photo sessions, as well as some personal photo projects and some ramblings about life in general. Leave some love, check my page out over on Facebook to stay up to date, and come back again soon,

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