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Fun Photo Project – Photobooth!

In much of the world people have rainy day fun projects – we have hot day indoor projects and I love doing fun photo projects with my kids that help to create memories for us all, not to mention fun things to hang on our walls – this was one we did one weekend last September when the temperatures were still in the high 40’s!!

We created photobooth photo strips for us all – one of each of us, and one of the girls together, one of me and T together and one of all of us and then I put them together into a photo collage!

The girls really didn’t quite understand the concept of a photo booth!! We just don’t have them here – if you want your passport pics doing in Abu Dhai you go to a photo studio!! I let each of us have only 6 photos (I know it’s usually only 4 but I had to give the kids a chance!!) the only stipulation being 1 had to be a nice one, and the others could be as goofy and funny as they liked! We then downloaded them and chose 4 for each strip and put them together in photoshop – we used these photostrip overlays (they work in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) and put them all together. If you don’t have photoshop you could easily do it as a collage project, making a photostrip frame from black card and sticking the individual photos in. (Edited to add: the day after I published this post I spotted this photobooth website on Pinterest – another great alternative to making collages if you don’t have Photoshop!)

Here’s the final version…..

I printed the page up as a 12 x 16 and popped it into a nice simple Ikea frame – and hung it on one of our photo walls – voila! It makes me smile every time I walk by it 😀

Have fun… Kirsty xx

PS For some more fun photo projects see my Instax Heart Project and the Christmas Glitter fun we had



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  • Renee P - What a neat idea, I love how they turned out 🙂 You have a beautiful family

  • Kylie D - Love it! and your photo wall as well!!!! Kx

  • Rikki - You are so fabulous and your family is so, so gorgeous! Adopt me please 😉

  • Jill - ah how fun! I love your photo wall. such beauty 🙂

  • Janine - Love all of your family pics. I feel like our families have met even though we’re half a world away xo that photo wall is inspiring me to get my act together!

  • Amy - Love your photobooth!!!

  • Kate Pizzo - Love this idea…I just love it. Not being a project girl myself, I may find myself stealing this from you at some point! I love seeing your family pics, just perfect 🙂

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