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Chinese New Year Preparations | Pieces of Life

We love Chinese New Year!! We celebrate it to celebrate our Saffy’s country of birth, and to remember a life before we moved to the UAE. Last year while we travelled we celebrated UAE National Day in recognition of Indy’s country of birth with a fine selection of Middle Eastern cuisine in England, and Chinese…

Happy National Day | Pieces of Life

It’s been a few years since I photographed my girls in their kandoras celebrating National Day – and as we’ve just returned to Abu Dhabi after a year away and the girls needed new kandoras I thought this was the perfect time – and so we popped down to the beach late in the afternoon to…

Pieces of Life | A yurt in Kyrgyzstan

I’m still so behind on posting – our travels have been amazing and I have so much to share – as well as so many beautiful Abu Dhabi Photography sessions from my trips back there to see wonderful clients over this year… but for now I’m going to share some pieces of life… While we…

Pieces of Life | Carpet shopping in Marrakech

It’s been a while since I posted a pieces of life essay – and I admit this one is cheating a little – life is busy on the road, and wifi isn’t great, but hopefully I’ll have a few more to share over the coming months as I love these little snippets of what we’re…

Pieces of Life | Baking Bread

The girls love baking bread at home, but when we come to England and stay with my sister in law they love it even more as she has a breadmaker!!! This was their first time making bread without her supervision!! And they did a great job.  A breadmaker is definitely on our wish list for when…

Pieces of Life | Kite flying on the beach

It was her birthday… she turned 9…. She’s the kind of kid that wants to run free… and so that was what she did… with her 3 favourite people, and a kite, on a windy Moroccan beach…. These are the times I want to always remember….. Remember you can also visit all the other wonderful…

Pieces of Life | Seeing McCurry

Aaaaah, I’m late to the game posting my January Pieces of life project – it’s been a busy old month – full of excitement and business and friends and laughter and amazing places – and not very much decent internet or editing time!!! One of our highlights of the month was visiting the Steve McCurry…

Pieces of Life – Walking the dog

It’s time for another Pieces of Life photo essay.  Every time we go to my in-laws in Ireland the girls love nothing more than taking the dog a walk along the beach that’s right in front of the house – I’ve photographed them there time and again and it never gets old… so here’s the…

Pieces of Life | Their first Autumn

I’m excited to start a new project with a fabulously talented group of women. Each month we will post a picture on the Clickin’Moms Daily Project that is just one part of a photo essay named “Pieces of Life” – the full essay will be posted on our own blogs. My girls had never experienced an…

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