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Aaaaah, I’m late to the game posting my January Pieces of life project – it’s been a busy old month – full of excitement and business and friends and laughter and amazing places – and not very much decent internet or editing time!!!

One of our highlights of the month was visiting the Steve McCurry exhibition at Monza, Milan, Italy. I always feel it’s a bit of a cliche to say that his work inspires me – I mean he’s just so well known, it feels so unoriginal to cite him. But oh my gosh, he is a MASTER – the way he uses light and environment and his connection to people is just amazing – there is no one like him. And of course so much of his work has iconic status now. This exhibition was beautifully curated and showcased in this old Royal Palace, with just the right amount of those masterpieces along with other unseen work – and the audio guide that accompanied it was him speaking about so many of his well known pieces – him talking about his work process and inspirations, and honestly, I was moved to tears by seeing and hearing it all together…

I was also thrilled that out of all the things I’ve taken the girls to they seemed to relate to what he was saying – they listened intently, they took it all in, and have talked about it and about pictures that moved them all month – which of course thrills me…

So here I present pieces of a Steve McCurry exhibition – where a masterpiece met you round every cornerPieces-of-life-Steve-McCurry-Milan-01Pieces-of-life-Steve-McCurry-Milan-02Pieces-of-life-Steve-McCurry-Milan-03Pieces-of-life-Steve-McCurry-Milan-04Pieces-of-life-Steve-McCurry-Milan-05Pieces-of-life-Steve-McCurry-Milan-06

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Until next month, Kirsty xx

PS here are a couple of links if you’re interested in seeing more – one of the videos that was showing can be seen here

The exhibition website

His website

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