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About Kirsty

Hello! I’m Kirsty, a lifestyle photographer based in Abu Dhabi. I’m a Mama to two sweet girls and I know how it feels to want to capture those truly special moments… and when I say special I mean the little moments, the every day moments, not just the big milestones and celebrations…. the moments of you, your little family, living life to the full, telling your story…. the hugs, the snuggles, the way the loves in your life look at you… that’s what I’m here for… to help capture and tell your story…

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My approach to photography is to capture real life – with a little sparkle on top fueled by my obsession with pretty light. I want to treasure the moments that need to be remembered. I do that myself with several ongoing personal projects which include being one of the original members of the “Letters to my Daughters” group where I document moments which might otherwise slip away on the path of life in both pictures and words.

I’m happiest when travelling, with camera in hand and my daughters by my side.  Or with a latte and instagram. I suffer from extreme wanderlust and can often be found documenting the way kids see the world, either in far flung destinations from Cuba to Cambodia and most places in between, or hanging out at home in Abu Dhabi. There was that one time that my husband and I threw the kids in the back of the car and drove through 3 continents from Abu Dhabi to Ireland, and back again, for a whole year! And I know that kinda makes me sound crazy, but believe me,  it was pretty amazing! I spend time on the road every year and take lots of pictures of my own kids backs as they adventure through life, (and temples and souks and rice paddies or over sand dunes!)

*  I love my 2 girls and my wonderful husband and family.
*  I love snuggles, and cuddles, and hugs and kisses..
*  I love chocolate – too much!
*  I love cheap Chinese beer.
*  I get teary eyed at weddings, and births – yes, even ones I’m shooting – heck, especially ones I’m shooting – I mean seriously, what a privilege!
*  I love to travel and see amazing places and people.
*  I’m a bit of a greenie and struggle with my eco-conscience.
*  I love my cameras and am a closet tech geek!

I feel emotion and passion about photography, and I am blessed by the amazing people who trust me to tell their stories. I can’t wait to meet you…..

Kirsty x


My work has been featured in several publications, interviews and exhibitions AND in 2016 I wrote a BOOK!!!!!!!! (insert screaming, excitement and jumping up and down with giddiness here!!)

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I am also a Pro member of Clickin Moms – a subscription-based community of over 16,000 artists, hobbyists, and professional photographers

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I am represented by Offset and my images can be licensed commercially. Click to view my gallery.

I am passionate about travelling and showing kids the world and blog about it over at Letters from the Larmours, where you can see lots of my pretty travel photos and read my travel ramblings – or check out some of the beautiful moments on my Instagram


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