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Happy National Day | Pieces of Life

It’s been a few years since I photographed my girls in their kandoras celebrating National Day – and as we’ve just returned to Abu Dhabi after a year away and the girls needed new kandoras I thought this was the perfect time – and so we popped down to the beach late in the afternoon to get some city shots as well as a few of them patriotically waving their flags! This is the city of Indy’s birth so it will always be special to our family. Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 01Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 02Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 05Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 03Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 06Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 04Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 07Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 08Kirsty Larmour-UAE National Day 09

Wishing you all a very Happy National Day, hope you’re enjoying the holiday as much as we are – it feels great to be back, Kirsty xx

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  • Cynthia - I love, love how colorful these images are! They look like they loved getting dressed in their kandoras.

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