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Pieces of Life – Walking the dog

It’s time for another Pieces of Life photo essay.  Every time we go to my in-laws in Ireland the girls love nothing more than taking the dog a walk along the beach that’s right in front of the house – I’ve photographed them there time and again and it never gets old… so here’s the latest instalment of walking the dog on the beach.Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_01Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_02Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_03Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_04Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_05Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_06Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_07Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_08Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_09Kirsty-Larmour-pieces-of-life-Dec_10

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Until next month hope you’re all having a wonderful festive season, Kirsty xx

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