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Fun Photo Projects

I’m always doing little fun photo projects with my kids – some quite and easy, and some which take a little longer – and I love to make them part of the decor around our flat. This one the girls have loved doing and building up over time.

We use my instax camera – which is basically a modern day polaroid which produces instant pictures – kids love getting a picture in their hand within seconds of taking it!! Because we may move sometime we decided to use a large canvas to put the pictures on – stuck on with drawing pins.

Some pictures are wacky, us in moustaches or wigs, (lots of the girls with food on their faces!!) some of the girls striking their model poses, some just of them in pretty frocks before a party – whatever they are they’re fun pictures that make us smile! 

It’s set on a huge chair by our front door – it’s our dump it ground – where school bags, handbags, teddies, skipping ropes, colouring books, crayons, lunchboxes and all sorts of junk gets dumped every day – so we pass it lots – and we admire it lots… because after all isn’t that what creating pieces of art is about??? And I know it’s no Van Gough, or Ansel Adams, but it’s art for our family – and that’s what matters after all…..I totally encourage you to go do something similar, create your own piece of family art – no instax camera who cares???? if it’s just pics from your phone printed on your home printer, or a few holiday snaps printed at the local printers it just doesn’t matter – if it celebrates YOU and your family and YOUR fun then do it; create it; celebrate it; and smile at it lots!!!

If you’ve created something similar I’d LOVE to see – post me a link so I can check it out, Kirsty xx

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  • Farideh - Great idea! love it!

  • Antonina - Ooh I like this! I’m totally making one like that!

  • Kristen - Oh I love this Kirsty, it’s on the list for summer projects 🙂 xx

  • Kristy Milton - love love love it!!!
    what a wonderful idea!
    my kids love this camera also, i really wish i were as creative as you with my polaroids!

  • rowe - i love this! you always come up with the best projects… i have no idea how you find the time!

  • Ninka - Well that’s pretty much fabulous Kirsty! You may find yourself copied next week 🙂

  • Myra - OH my goodness! I love love love this idea! What a fun way to celebrate your kids and photography! 🙂

  • Kate - LOVE this – want one in my house!!!!

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  • Debbie - Awesome project, Kirsty. Now I am really tempted to get one. 😀

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