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A Royal Wedding Celebration | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

I can’t resist a party – and being British, there is no better excuse to celebrate than a Royal Wedding – so when it was suggested that  I did a Royal Wedding themed shoot I was almost giddy with excitement! I gathered together 6 of the cutest kids in Abu Dhabi (OK, I’m so totally…

Happy Valentines Day ♥♥♥

Kirsty xx

Muddy Puddles | Abu Dhabi Photographer

Anyone that’s been a long time reader of my blog knows that when it rains here in Abu Dhabi it causes great excitement! We really don’t get much of it! So as is customary, the girls and I headed out this morning to jump around in some muddy puddles! Imagine the state they were in…

Winter Wonderland….

I did promise more snow pictures – and I gave a very sneaky peek on Facebook… but here we are… I soooo love this stage Saffy is at right now where if I suggest doing a few photos she agrees to 5 minutes and we just go for it!!! I brought the big fluffy hat…

2010… A review…

I so love what I get to do for a living… meeting the amazing families of Abu Dhabi, and further afield, and reconnecting with former clients who’ve now become friends is just wonderful.  I feel very blessed, and honoured to be able to capture memories and just a little bit emotional when I go back through…

Storytime in the forest

I wanted to do another more styled shoot while we were out in lush woodland kast time we were in England (English woods are just so magical) so we brought along some of my old childhood storybooks (I think some of them might even be from my Mums childhood too!) I love little shoots where you…

Rock the boat | Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

I *loved* this maternity session – I always love it when couples choose a place really personal to them… we did the shoot on their boat – where the setting sun provided amazing light… the beach… and Jane’s gorgeous baby bump… So. Much. Fun!!! and just wait till you see their adorable little girl… coming…

The Abu Dhabi Milk Maids! | Abu Dhabi charity photographer

La Leche League of Abu Dhabi has produced a calendar to promote awareness of breastfeeding here in the U.A.E.  I was so thrilled to be involved with this project.  So many people think that you can’t breastfeed in Abu Dhabi because it’s a Muslim country, or that you need to hide away. My task was simply…

A special kind of tea party…

When we were in England we had plans for a tea party, a special kind of tea party. In the end, the weather meant the plans didn’t quite work, and we had a very spur of the moment party one afternoon when the sun came out. And despite the weather we had jam and scones, and…

Just a few more, and a Real Style your Shoot

Indulge me just a few more of the girls from when we did our family shoot. I loved them being able to play in fields of long grass, and blow dandelion clocks – for the first time ever, and to pick daisies – it was pure bliss to watch my apartment living girls without toys…

Ramadan Kareem – a family time promotion

Ramadan Kareem to all my lovely clients and friends. I love Ramadan, in particular because it means the girls and I get to spend more time with Daddy – but also for the great food, the sense of calm and contemplation which prevails in Abu Dhabi and the warmness and friendliness of everyone at this…

Framing your artwork | Abu Dhabi Photographer Boutique

I’ve been asked by several clients about framing their precious artwork once they’ve received it. Well, you have 2 options – one, go to a professional framer – there are lots of great ones around town, or two, buy a ready made frame. I do a bit of both with my own personal artwork, and…

Style your Shoot Live – My sunflower girl | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I’ve had a few emails about the cute little outfits Indy was wearing for her birthday photo shoot – and I get asked about the ruffle jeans the whole time – both girls have them and they are sooooo sweet! Green and White top from Genmarie White trousers from Chateau de Sable (local branch in…

Go Large | Abu Dhabi Photographer Boutique

Part of the planning for a photo shoot is in thinking what you’re going to do with your artwork afterwards. If you want gorgeous canvasses or prints to hang on your walls then you really need to think about how large you want them to be. And how you want to display them.  This wall…

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