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Part of the planning for a photo shoot is in thinking what you’re going to do with your artwork afterwards. If you want gorgeous canvasses or prints to hang on your walls then you really need to think about how large you want them to be. And how you want to display them. 

This wall in my living room has a pretty big painting on it – it’s 44inches by 66 inches (including the frame) – it still doesn’t take up the whole wall, but also, it doesn’t overwhelm the room.go-large-01go-large-02

How big do you think this next picture is? 8 x 12?  12 x 16? 16 x 24? No, it’s actually 20 x 30 inches and it still doesn’t even nearly fill the space.go-large-03

People often think in terms of a regular 5 x 7 print – and so they think  that am 8 x 12 is big – I’m here to show you there’s nothing big about an 8 x 12!!! Check this out… an 8 x 12 block print on that same wall!!! Does that just look a bit silly? Even 2 of them side by side would still just be dwarfed by the space. Even if they were matted and put in frames, they’d still be teeny tiny on that wall… a wall which is just crying out for pictures to show off.go-large-04

So here’s what I did next…. I got 2 16 x 16 canvases of my girls and 2 16 x 20 canvasses too and I put them all together to create a wall display in that space. In total that makes 37 inches by 33 inches of wall space (accounting for one inch between the pictures). Still nothing like as big as my original painting, but a MUCH better use of the space than those smaller picures. In fact after our next family photo shoot I think I’m going to make an even bigger wall display and fill more of the wall and really maximise the use of the space… but for now I’m really happy with this.go-large-05

go-large-06So, before your photo shoot, think about your time and money investment, think about how you want to display the artwork we’ll make together to make it really, truly special, and think about how big you want to go – whether you want one huge picture or several to hang together, and remember, don’t let those 8 x 12’s get lost on your walls,

Until next time, Kirsty xx

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  • Angie Baxter - Great post! Hope you’re having a fab holiday. xx

  • Katie Brown - Great post – so visual – and so true that if you’re going to show off your art you should REALLY show it off

  • Sara - Beautiful hon. I always think bigger is better.

  • Kristi - oh my goodness Kirsty!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of your girls!!! Beautifully displayed!! I’m so jealous you got amazing pictures of them holding still he he he he!!! Mine won’t sit still for anything let alone look at me LOL. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Becky - GREAT article. Thank you for showing the difference in sizes. So funny what people think of as “big” looks so small on a wall. Oh, and LOVE the 4 shots of your girls. Beautiful.

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  • ~SarahInParis~ - Your girls are SOOOOO gorgeous Kirsty and I love the canvases they look awesome.

  • janine - such a great post Kirsty! you have inspired me to create a wall display of my own. I have this huge empty wall just waiting for pics of our family 😀 thanks for the inspiration x

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