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So you know how passionate I am about photography? And travel? And how I have a mild obsession with dressing my girls in gorgeous, unique, handcrafted designs? Well imagine if I got to do all of that? Together? Oh yeah, that’s the kind of stuff that gives me palpitations!!!

So, there I am, e-chatting away to Jayme, an amazingly talented designer I’ve ordered sweet stuff from before – and I’m asking if she could run me up something for our forthcoming trip to Morocco, and she gets all inspired, and I get all inspired and before we know it we’re planning a shoot, and a clothing collection and I’m not just having palpitations, but I’m jumping up and down on my desk chair (yeah, kinda like Tom Cruise on that sofa…) and shouting “O.M.G!!!!!!” or words to that effect!!!

Hubby starts having a crisis about how much luggage this entails and how I’ll be bringing the “Big camera” and y’know we usually travel pretty light – just one bag, yes, between 4 of us. So there was another challenge for me – usually for styled shoots I have a big pile of props ready to choose from, and a car to transport it all in – this time I couldn’t do all that – so I let Morocco speak for itself… it was fabulous seeking out doorways and light spots in dark souks, and fun shops, and stunningly restored riads, and beautiful tiles and nooks and alleyways – it gives a much more urban feel to the photos thank I often go for but I LOVED every minute of it…. so without further woffling… check out the amazing Casbah Collection from Lillipops Designs…..After providing us with a wonderful breakfast of bread and olives and fresh squeezed orange juice the Riad Felucia in Meknes made a stunning backdrop.We hit up the carpet souk in Meknes – old winding alleyways lined with carpets hanging from the medina walls or piled high ready to be shown off at the slightest interestThis instrument shop in the medieval trading town of Fez was fabulous – and the owner played drums and sang for us as we snapped!How sweet is this playsuit – it got a LOT of wear on holiday!! The oranges and blues complimented the colours of these doors perfectly (there’s a funny story about Saffy posing in the doorway next to this – which I think I’ll share another time)We saved up the dresses till we got to Marrakech – I just had this feeling they’d be perfect for within the hustle and bustle and colours and smells of the famous souksThe super gorgeous headband was by Cute Loops – winner of a contest Jayme ran to design an accessory to go with her collection – beautiful yes?The girls often look so serious in pictures – this was our next to last day in the seaside town of Essaouira and the pressure was off and they cracked a giggle, or 2 or three – this is actually how they look most of the time – little Indy looking up to and laughing with big sister Saffy!!!!Hope you loved this little taste of Morocco – now head over to check out the Lillipops Etsy Store and Facebook page – this won’t be the last time you see this gorgeous collection on the blog… I’m pretty sure I might have to share some more…

until then, Kirsty x

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  • rowe - oh kirsty… these are just gorgeous! i love how colourful and bright they are. so many gorgeous details… lovely as always. rowe x

  • rowe - that first one and the ones with the rugs are my absolute favourites!

  • Louise - Wow! The colours are awesome, so bright and vibrant and those dresses, oh my – and your girls – that goes without saying…. <3 them Kirsty

  • Rizvi - Really nice Kristy!!
    i really love the way you highlight even the most mundane thing that we usually tend to overlook,and just bring it to life.

    Very nice

  • Lena - Kirsty – these are awesome! I love everything about them – adorable outfits, super cute girls, natural poses – great job!

  • Rikki - Oh these are divine!! Such beautiful girls and beautiful clothes – there’s so much to love. Absolutely gorgeous ♥

  • Kristen - Super gorgeous Kirsty!! Beautiful colours, beautiful clothes and beautiful girls! xx

  • Kate Pizzo - Love isn’t the word! These are amazing, they are fantastic and they make me want to part with money! Fab job Kirsty…gotta love Lillipops 🙂

  • Christy - Gorgeous photos! Your eldest looks like a young Taylor Swift, your youngest like a little Michelle Williams. Beautiful beautiful girls!

  • kati - OMG!! These are beyond FAB! Your girls are so pretty and I love these outfits!

  • Natalie - wow Kirsty! these are amazing, soooo beautiful, all the colours, your cute girls, and their clothes are all just gorgeous!!! such a treat to discover your blogpost this morning 🙂

  • Sarah - Awesome. Love the last shot in particular – they expressions on the girls’ faces are priceless. Saffy looks just like you x

  • Sarah B - Luuuuuurve them. Love the shots, love the clothes, love all the extra little details you’ve included – and love that fact you got the girls hennaed – they look so cool!!! Wonderful!

  • Sara Rosetta - Gorgeous Kirsty, the girls look like they had so much fun and their clothes are so pretty. Beautiful.

  • Dani - Sigh…so envious of you guys! 🙂 What an amazing adventure for you and the girls. Gorgeous, as always…

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