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Match Your Decor – Style your Shoot Special | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I know some of you out there will think I’m sightly crazy and neurotic for this post but I also know there will be some of you who just totally relate. 

Match your clothing to your decor??? What??? Hello???? OCD alert!!! Well really, it makes sense –  think about where are you going to display the artwork we create at your photo shoot? If you have some coordinated scheme going on in a room then why mess it up by displaying crazy colours that don’t compliment it?

This has really come to the forefront of my mind as I plan a shoot for my family when we’re back in Ireland for the summer. Our living room here in Abu Dhabi is a collection of things about US – the Larmours  – our little fouresome – it’s a collection of things from our travels and things that mean something to us – and even more so, it’s in colours that soothe and calm us – it’s in neutral tones, browns and blues – earth and sea and sky – and is full of amazing textures.decor-01 decor-02

It’s not a fancy, schmancy room by any means – it’s got cushions made from old dresses of mine, and most of the paintings were done by me too, but it reflects us.decor-03decor-04

I know that I want to create a big wall display for this room from our shoot (it’ll be our first ever as a family!!) and I really want to display photos in there that coordinate with and compliment the mood of the room.  Pictures which have texture (even if not physical) to them – important to my very tactile little family, and colour and reflect the elements of the earth we relate to.decor-05 decor-06

So, for OUR family photo shoot, I’m thinking browns and blues with some silver and whites  and heck, if the girls want to wear pink for some of the photos I’ll just display those pictures in their girly, swirly bedroom!

Just some food for thought, for those of you who might want to match your shirt to your sofa!  Happy stylin’, Kirsty xx

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