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Letters to my Daughters | September 2012

This is the 6th month of this project – 6 months of sitting down, collecting my thoughts and making time to tell my girls some of the things I need them to know as they grow up, and as I grow as a mother – this is so important to me – I hope it continues for 6 years, or 60… there’s so much I want to share with them, and from them…

Now please head over to read the letter of my gorgeously talented friend Julia Stotlar to her sweet daughter Wren,

Kirsty xx

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  • Rashmi - So beautifully said my friend. Your Indy-pie reminds me of my own little girl.. her big sister being her hero and sometimes struggling and feeling unsettled without her sister there. These challenges will make them grow and step out of their sister’s shadow and become their own person. Such a blessing to have a sister. <3

  • Amy Lucy Lockheart - Oh sweet Indy! Sometimes it’s tough being a little sister and facing changes and transitions at such a young age. I know you cherish those extra moments with her, Kirsty, and she cherishes her time with you just as much. Such beautiful words to share with your sweetie. xoxo

  • Danielle - Such a sweet letter to Indy. My two were completely dis-combobulated this past summer, and had a crazy 6 weeks. One of them handled it sooo well, the other was not as easy-going. It is hard for these little people to adjust at times (just like us!), and being taken out of their comfort zone can be a good thing. Extra snuggles & hugs are a perfect remedy! I hope we get to see you all this Xmas, we’ll be here. x

  • helke - Oh Kirsty, it’s all so true…and expressed so well. Luisa is a bit going through the same now Asia is going to the school for the big kids. But she’s also doing even more fine ‘on her own’ at kindergarden and now has some more time for her litle sister. Thank you to show me your beautiful letter for your little growing Indy. And: your pics beautiful as usual!

  • SarahB - Your letters are so heartfelt Kirsty – the girls will treasure them so much. lots of love to Indy, hope things are OK for her now xxxx

  • Julia - It took me a few minutes to get to your letter this month, because I couldn’t take my eyes off of these incredible images. Unbelievably beautiful, Kirsty – absolute magic. Your letter was amazing as well, and one that I took to heart as I go through my own changes and wonky time. xoxox

  • Kati - Lovely. I really have no other words. Your baby is growing too fast! xxx

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