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Project 10 December 2012 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Well as I mentioned in my last Letter to the girls this time of year get crayzeeeeee! And I totally ran out of time for my Project 10 – but never having missed a month I didn’t want to start now, so I shot it totally last minute – Today!! It was one of those “all over the place” days with a million things going on – most of which were just too busy to capture so my post is a bit all over the place too – but hey, it’s real life!!

I woke early, far too early and drifted in and out of sleep from around 5am, so by the time the Fajr prayer call sounded this is pretty much what I heard from the mosque beside our place – you can see the 4 glowing minarets, but the blur is totally a visual depiction of what my poor tired head could make out…The girls opened their advent calendar – it gives a greeting in a different language each day “Konichiwa!” today, and they hunted for our elf – who had stayed out all night…..Today was the Christmas Souk at the girls school so we’d baked cookies to take…I then headed off and did a few deliveries

before heading to meet some fellow photographers for our regular coffee catchup…home, and some newborn editing followed by personal editing for a future Letter to the girlies…I was super excited to find this in my PO Box – Saffy’s casetagram for ChristmasThen to school and the souk where Saffy was in the choir and most proud of herself! And then home… and more hunting for Ivor the elf, who is still missing…. 🙁snowflake garlandsthis child frequently refuses to put clothes on – and runs away from me if I suggest them.  She is exhausting!!!Giggles and chat – and yes, that’s me in a picture – she’s leaning on my knees….Pheweeee, that only took us to dinner time and I feel exhausted with all the tail chasing I did! Hopefully January will be a much more calm month 🙂 now head on over and see what my friends EfiRobyn and Breeze have been upto this month…





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