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My name is Kirsty and I’m an albumaholic * Abu Dhabi Photographer

I LOVE albums – I love them, I love them, I love them…. all my clients know that, and maybe that’s why so many want them too. (that and the fact I include one in every collection? Maybe?!!)albums10

Why do I love them so…? Because we’ll keep them forever. And when our children grow up, as teenagers they might be embarassed of that huge wall hanging of them aged 2, but they’ll always love to snuggle on the sofa with you, or maybe secretly in their bedrooms take a look at the pics of them in an album. They’re something to look back on. They’re heirlooms, part of our children’s inheritance, a legacy of their youth, an investment in their memories for the future…albums11

albums14I LOVE huge wall pictures too – for sure – and my home is full of them – but those I’ll change every few years and update – but the albums, they’ll be kept safe on a shelf somewhere that I can find them easily and have a few moments to reminisce – to remember that very point in time…

 just every now and then… 

as the years go by…

I do this with my wedding album, every now and then I’ll grab a coffee and have 5 minutes to look back on that day, and the last 5 years – I do this when I go home to my parents – we always sleep in the room where the albums are kept and I always find 10 minutes to have a walk down memory lane and giggle at my brother and I in tartan flares (oh yes!!!).albums12albums13

What would you save if your home was burning down? Almost everyone says their wedding album – imagine saving that, and not saving the memories of your child growing up? The thought of not looking after their memories almost breaks my heart… In this digital age we all too often forget to print our photos out and really, really treasure them, and the memories they represent – which is why a photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to ensure you preserve that exact moment in time forever…albums15

So, my name is Kirsty, and yes, I’m very definitely an albumaholic – if you’re one too, please let me know so I know I’m not alone! xx

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  • SarahB - Beautifully put Kirsty. Really makes me stop and think about what I do with my photos – which is just store them on my laptop – probably not a very good idea!!

  • Vinita - WOW Kirsty! They all look so gorgeous! lol..sorry girl…I’m the opposite..I see an album and run a mile..but love to look at other tog’s creations!

  • Danah - I guess I’m an albumholic too…
    Whenever I travel I buy an album from that country for the photos I take there…I came back with 5 albums recently from my trip to Japan Japan…hehehe..people buy souvinirs and I buy albums =)

  • Kirsty - @Sarah – make sure you back up to disc if that’s where they are!! LOL!
    @Danah – I think I would have come back with loads from Japan too – all that gorgeous paper they have – I’d be in lust!! I want to see at your next photoshoot!!!
    @Vinita – really? Wow, I love creating albums – I think they’re such a simple effective way to preserve the memories of that moment in time – I only wish I had more time to do more personal ones!!!

  • Lena (P4P) - Kirsty – these are awesome! You are so organized – I really need to get my act together and do something similar for my girls.

  • Kate - I am with you…love love love albums. My husband may have to cut me off!!

  • Janine - W.O.W how did I miss these?! They are gob smackingly gorgeous. Your children are so lucky to have you LOL and vice versa of course xo

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