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It’s Project 10 time – the time when a group of photographers post pictures of a day in our lives. In theory, it’s supposed to be 10 pictures, one an hour over the course of a day – but this month I cheated, big style!! Yeah this post is HUGE!!! This month I documented Indy’s last day of being 4. We started celebrating her birthday a day early as my husband was off work that day – and for her special birthday treat this feisty kid of mine decided she wanted to go to the top… the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world!! So it took me just a few more than 10 photos to document the essence of this day of celebration… read on and see the view from the top, and what else we did, and then follow the circle round…

Early morning excitement – not only was it her birthday weekend, but she also had Pooky, the class bear for the weekend – I reckon he had a lot of fun with the Larmours!! The Larmours are leaving the building……Buying snacks for the journey from our friendly (!!) baker!! Dubai here we come!!!A sidetrip to Hamleys to choose a present from the cousinsIdling an hour away in a fabulous bookshop….. Here it is!!! The worlds largest building – The Burj Khalifa – all 828m of it!On our way…..Waiting for the lift – gotta tell you I think I was more worried about taking a lift all that way up than my possible vertigo at the top!! But they play nice soothing spa like music in it and it was so totally fine 😀Heading to the 124th floor…..And we’re there – and WOW, what a view!!!The “Hang on…. we’re not really AT THE TOP???!!! I’ve been cheated” face…..  (Yup, the observation deck it at floor 124, but there’s actually more than 160 floors!!! Eeek!!)My fave pic of the day – me and my girls goofing around taking self portraits in the mirrors up on the top of the world!! And I didn’t realise at the time, but there’s hubby taking pics of us taking pics!!!!!!

(And no one can say I didn’t get myself in any photos this month 😉 )

Standing on the edge!!Me and my big girl…One last look……And back on the ground…After all that excitement Indy chose sushi for dinner!Hmmmmm, what shall I have next??? Ah-ha, that one!!We then headed to watch the Dubai fountains – but got there a bit late and couldn’t see much other than the back of other peoples screens!!! Indy was still pretty enthralled…And back to the mall for cupcakes from the Hummingbird bakery – YUM!Goodbye Dubai….. thank you for a fabulous day to remember…….

Now head on over to  Efi from Studio 8 in Greece and see what she got upto this month…. and come back next month, Kirsty xx

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