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Project 10 – May 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I always ponder about what to photograph for my Project 10 – sometimes it’s a scramble at the last minute, or pulling something together from a day over the previous month – sometimes it’s more deliberate, sometimes it’s the every day moments, and sometimes it’s a big day or a special event for us… this month I actually documented over 24 hours rather than 1 day. Indy had a Superhero day at school – anyone that knows her will not be surprised to hear that she decided she was going to be “Rainbow Girl”! I listened to her over the course of 10 days pulling her ideas together and deciding how she’d work things – we discussed various options such as a hat or hairband or rainbow bobbles… she chose a crown.. and as I listened to her enthusiasm, imagination and creativity pour out, I knew this would be a great thing to have a collection of photographs of…

And so, on Wednesday this week the process started… with the painting and decorating of the crown… including multicoloured glitter, of course… rainbow nails, putting a rainbow ribbon through a red dress up cape we have… I especially loved that she pulled it all together using things we already had at home

Superhero day arrived on Thursday and after breakfast the final touches were added – the rainbow tattoo, the rainbow hair – her favourite rainbow Courtneycourtney dress

Big sister also had a dressup day – Animal Day “quack quack” and she helped with the crowning of Rainbow Girl!And off we set to school…….As luck would have it I found this perfect little necklace as I was out running some errands later in the day – the final finishing touch for my little rainbow girl when she got home from school

Honestly, I was so thrilled to see her ideas come together and I’m so glad I picked this day to document – I know I’m supposed to be in a picture, but believe me when I say I was there every step of the way – especially when it come to clearing rainbow glitter off the kitchen floor strangely enough!!!! Now head on over to my friend Efi of Studio 8 photos in Greece and see what she captured this month….

Until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • efi panagoula - colorful Kirsty as always!!! love the superwoman / rainbow girl!!

  • alpana - your photos always make me smile, Kirsty! Your girls are just so gorgeous. One can never have enough rainbow anything!

  • Nancy - LOVE the rainbow girl idea! I think my youngest thinks “rainbow” is an actual color 😉 My fave is the shot of her dashing to school. Awesome!!

  • gorete ferreira - You are creating such sweet memories! I think your ladies would get along great with my girls:)

  • Sarah - Awwwww, how perfect is she? Love her creativity and attention to detail and how perfectly HER it is <3

  • Kylie D - Rainbow girl – you will indeed go far in this world… I have no doubt of that – your spirit is always captured so beautifully by your Mumma. Kx

  • amy grace - i feel like this month embodies all the color and independence and tenderness that is your life with your girls…you always reach me. you, my dear, are the rainbow. xoxo

  • Sarah - Beautiful story and images. Indy’s spirit shining through – gorgeous!

  • Kati - LOVE IT!! Rainbow Girl…how clever is she? You’re such a wonderful mom! xxx

  • rowe - such a perfect thing to document and the images tell the story perfectly! i adore the ones of the rainbow hair, her little rainbow nails and the super cool tattoo! the last one is so beautiful… gorgeous 10 on 10, as usual!

  • Lynet Witty - AKkk! I die of how cuteness she is! I love this! The chalk colored hair! Rainbow necklace! And that foto with her cape flying–great captures!

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