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Ramadan Kareem to you all. It’s the first day of Ramadan, the start of the holy month here in the U.A.E. and it’s also July’s Project 10 day. I shot this 2 days ago as the school holidays had started – it was a day of hanging out, heading to the supermarket and also delivering gifts to a charity that gives toys to children who will be spending Ramadan in hospital – charity is an important component of this month. We then headed home and hung out some more – everything that holidays should be!

Early morning games of Minion Rush – the whole family is addicted – and can’t wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out – although it’s not coming out here until after Ramadan so we’re told 🙁

Piano practice timeSticker books timeAt the mall heading to deliver bags of toys for RamadanVeggie sushi for dinnerRamadan preparations are in full swing at the supermarket – piles and piles and piles of dates – the fast is broken with dates so everyone stocks up – we also went date shopping the following day at our favourite date shop!!Dates of every kind; filled with fruits and nuts, or chocolate dipped, you name it, it’s there…We couldn’t forget our favourite sweets too – many of which are only available at this time of yearBack home, and game timeA bit of maths and marshmallow fun Sushi time

Karate timeHere are some Ramadan do’s and don’ts for anyone who’s new to the UAE and not experienced Ramadan before.

Now head over to see Nancy, and see how her day was this month… until next month, I hope you have a very blessed holy month, Kirsty

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