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The One into 2 Project | Week 1

One of my very best photographer friends is another photographer in my city – people often think it’s weird that we’re such good friends when they think we should be in competition – but it’s not like that – what we do photographically is so very different, and who we are is so different too. So when Jillian asked me if I’d like to do a photo challenge together with her I said yes right away because it’s such a great way to expand your creativity and push yourself. There are lots of “word a day” or “word a week” projects out there, but I hope we’ll put our own spin on this with being in the same city – 2 friends of mine Deb and Rowe are doing a similar one, but from opposite sides of the world and daily rather than weekly….

For Jillian and me the UAE was our meeting place, but photography brought us together. We are different as chalk and cheese, yet friendship grew from our shared passion to create memories and capture moments. We’ve joined together to work on this project to push ourselves creatively, whilst embracing our two very different photographic styles. We will alternate who chooses a theme each week and then post both our interpretations together.

“One city, one passion, 2 people, 2 styles…. One theme, one week, 2 pictures, 2 interpretations – the One into 2 Project”

Week 1 – Outside

Kirsty Larmour Photography

Jillian Greenhill Photography

We’ll be back with another post next week, Kirsty x

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