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Letter to my Daughters | February 2014

Now please continue the circle to the lovely Courtney Keim to see her letter to her adorable little one…. until next month, xx
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  • shalonda - oh kirsty!!!!! first of all i am utterly captivated by these images and then when you dropped the bomb on me that they were from two years ago i was even more so…just beautiful! first borns are such unique little characters aren’t they? i see so much of my cheeks#1 in s, as she is just mere steps ahead of my 7 year old…keep soakin it all in mama xoxo

  • Rashmi - Kirsty, I love these photos of sweet Saffy when she was six. I love that she is not a trend follower and has her own mind. I love that you recognize her uniqueness and embrace it with a full heart. You are one amazing mama. xo

  • Debbie Wibowo - Oh Kristy, I can totally relate to this. Jo also has a tender and soft heart that I often worry about people using her. Jo sounds like Saffy. Are all 1st born like that? 🙂 She might have a tender heart but I believe that will be one of her strengths too. One day, she’ll move the mountain! It’s a beautiful and the 3rd pic melts my heart.

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