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Letter to my Daughters | March 2014


Now please head on over to the beautiful letter of Debbie from Delight Photography – she always moves me with her letters to her sweet girl Jo

until next month, Kirsty Kirsty-Larmour-Letter-to-daughters-Jan14-08

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  • Catherine Forest - What a sweet sweet letter to your daughter. You are blessed to be the mom of such a wonderful child.

  • amy grace - of course she is a magnet. one step ahead is such a gift. for you, for her, for the way you can step back and know she can handle the distance. this beautiful place and the light and your talent are always such a marvel, kirsty.

  • Ginger Unzueta - These are amazingly beautiful. The light in her hair is wonderful. I love the way you see your girls. My husband is your way this month and I am thinking how pretty this spot is, so different from what I imagine when he goes there. xo

  • Debbie Wibowo - Truly sorry for being so late. Happy belated birthday to Indie..Wishing her a year full of great things and wonder. I love all the pics, especially the one when the light highlights her hair from the back.

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