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Project 10 | March 2014 – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

The birthday party edition…. given that my girls have their birthdays less than a month apart throwing 2 parties a year is just beyond the realms of this mama’s capabilities!! Usually they have to take it in turns but this year we decided to do a joint party, and to hold it at their dancing class – a disco diva/rock star party!

We held the party on a Friday as it’s their Baba’s day off – the day started with Indy opening presents as her birthday actually fell on a Sunday and Sundays are choc full of school and dancing classes and very little free time inbetween, so she had presents from us a couple of days early….

And then I got on with the rock star cake decorating!!! Which was followed by favour wrapping… (delicious cookies from Arlequins)

Indy then got to take her new orange bike out to play – if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen how thrilled she was with it!! And then there was the very important business for Saffy of making a party playlist!!

A few pre-party photos, and selfies 🙂

And then we headed off to Arabesque Ballet Centre where their party was held – Indy got on with practising some routines!!

Their friends arrived and much dancing and games followed – including a special routine to “Happy” taught to them and all their friends by their beloved Hip-hop teacher Miss Jessica.

And then cake time…. (thanks to my fab friend Emma who took over the camera duties while I did the Mummy duties) and a little before and after of their rock star cake

And time to go home – in a car jam packed full of balloons!!

The girls had asked for donations instead of gifts – they wanted to send a girl in a developing country to school and I couldn’t be more thrilled that their friends got on board with this idea – they raised enough to send a girl for 18 months and have chosen for it to go to someone in Ethiopia – the look of delight at working out just how much they’d raised was worth more than anything.

Huge thanks to all my fabulous girlfriends who helped make the party a success, and helped keep me sane while trying to juggle everything on very little sleep!!!! You know who you are and I love you <3

Now pop over and see the day of my lovely friend Robyn of Little Bug Photography in Calgary

Next month I think we’ll be back to a rather more normal day!!! Until then, Kirsty xx


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  • Rashmi - Absolutely adorable!! It looks like such a fun party!

  • alpana - Love these pictures! Your girls are the sweetest. They look so very happy with all their balloons.

  • Gorete - Love these Kirsty, looks like your divas had a blast!

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  • robyn - Oh i just love this… such a special and fun day to document. And what wonderful girls you are raising to want to donate money instead of gifts… big time love for that!!

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