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Letter to my Daughters | April 2014


A short letter this month as it’s been a month of vacations and school plays and general busyness, but perhaps that’s exactly why this letter is so suitable…. now head over to my lovely friend Emma Wood to read her letter – she fills me with inspiration each time as I watch how she mothers her 5 beautiful daughters…. until next month, Kirsty xxKirsty-Larmour---Letters-to-our-daughters-April-1402

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  • Letter to my Daughters | April 25th 2014 | Rashmi Pappu - […] the blog circle to my wonderful, globe-trotting friend, Kirsty. This time she is in Hong Kong with her family and the entire time it didn’t stop […]

  • courtney - love this! and love seeing your travels!

  • Rashmi - Sunshine on a cloudy day – that is what your girls are… what a beautiful reminder to enjoy this moment, this time and that we are responsible for making our own happiness. Their rainbow hued joy is a direct product of their mama, who let’s them dance in the rain and live life to the fullest. xo

  • Emma Wood - Oh what sweet lessons our girls teach us sometimes – I can just see these two embracing the rain and letting you know that it’s all ok with them. A wonderful and heartfelt letter, I always look forward to your words and to seeing your beautiful little spirits. <3

  • Debbie Wibowo - This letter is a reminder for me as well, Kirsty. I am quite a perfectionist so if things are not according to the plan, I can get grumpy. Lol. Your little girls taught me something through this letter too. Next time a plan fails, I will remember these two sweet faces and I will also embrace the rain. xoxo

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