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Letter to my Daughters | June 2014

Kirsty-Larmour-Letter-to-my-Daughters-June-14-04Abu Dhabi Photographer

Kirsty-Larmour-Letter-to-my-Daughters-June-14-02Kirsty-Larmour-Letter-to-my-Daughters-June-14-03Kirsty-Larmour-Letter-to-my-Daughters-June-14Now please head on over to read the letter of my lovely friend Debbie of Delight Photography to her sweet girl

Kirsty-Larmour-Letter-to-my-Daughters-June-14-05PS all pictures this month taken of my girls being fierce and brave at the Bali Treetops Adventure Park during our April trip

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  • Debbie Wibowo - Love and completely agree with your wisdom, Kirsty. It totally takes bravery to do this game (brave mom too for letting them doing it. Ha!) and I can really imagine their sweet faces beaming with a sense of great accomplishment after completing a track!

  • Letter to my daughters | June 25th, 2014 | Rashmi Pappu - […] Please go to the next letter in our circle, my friend Kirsty Larmour. She has adventures with her two daughters all year long and captures those adventures so well with […]

  • Kylie d - I have been visiting your blog for the past hour (with a hot cuppa in hand) and have wanted to comment on every post but that would just seem like stalking! Your images, your words to your daughters, your personal projects, the way you see this crazy world is just beautiful. I don’t know how you for it all in – but I am glad you do as I love to stop in and take a peek when I get a chance. Hopefully one day you will come for a holiday adventure to Sydney so our crazy tribes can meet – or we might one day come there!!! Have a lovely weekend! Kyles x

  • Kylie - Ps – the boys loved treetops here as well it was my 10on10 back in January!!! Same heights, same fears and definitely the same smiles at the end of the day!!!! Kx

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