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Project 10 – July 2014 | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I’ve not updated my Project 10 for a few months – life has got the better of me and our group has dwindled as we’ve all got other commitments, but I’ve loved this project over the last few years and I’d love to keep doing it myself, just to try every now and then to document a day in our lives…. this wasn’t so much a day, as a couple of hours by the pool when I was minding my friends kids a few weeks ago – these 5 (one is hiding in the pictures!!) have been friends since Indy was 10 days old and I first met their Mummy – they’re friends to the extent that the teacher of Indy and Alex (the youngest of the other 3) commented that they fight like brother and sister!!!!

Anyway, the light was so pretty that day I couldn’t help but snap away – so here’s a few from the pool,


Until another month, some time in the future, Kirsty xx

PS One of these pictures also featured on the Wish You Were Here project that I’m a member of 🙂

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