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UPDATE: We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our fundraiser, and the number of people we don’t even know who have donated to our appeal.

We are Kirsty, Saffy and Indy – a Mum and 2 teenage daughters currently in Delhi, India, and feeling a desperate need to do something from our lockdown isolation to help the heartbreaking Covid-19 situation emerging throughout India… please read on below for more of the story, the background and the how’s and why’s. And THANK YOU. xxx

My daughters and I are currently in Delhi, India and have been touchingly overwhelmed by the number of emails and messages we’ve had from friends around the world asking how we are and if we need any help. We are fine, and currently safely cocooned in our apartment, but our hearts are with so many others in the city, and across the country who are facing dire and heartbreaking circumstances in the crazy wave of covid-19 infections that has swept through India.

Dear friends, we would be so hugely moved if you’d consider helping the beautiful people of India instead of us. We know that making international donations to India is extremely hard, many charities do not accept overseas credit cards, and paypal is not recognised here. Not to mention that donations can sometimes take a long time to reach India.

We put our heads together wondering what we could do to help others when the lockdown means we can’t even leave our apartment for a daily walk or for groceries.  So between the three of us we have compiled some art pieces we’ve created during our time in Delhi over this last month.

If you know us you maybe know that Saffy is a beautiful writer and soulful poet, and Indy is quite the light hunting photographer, so we’ve pulled together 2 poems from Saffy, and some photos from Indy and myself. Each is priced at just US$20 and they will all be printable to 8 x 10 size so you can have a little piece of Delhi love to adorn your wall. You can purchase them using either paypal, or a credit card via paypal as a gateway from the gallery link just below, which will open in a new tab, and they will be emailed to you to download, print and keep.


We will keep the gallery open for one week, and at the end of the week 100% of the funds received will be donated to the GiveIndia covid-19 campaign.  One of their chosen partners is an organisation that we choose to support – Doctors For You – a charity that offers services and assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, class, caste, religion and gender and is active right now in it’s response to the current crisis. You can read more about our chosen campaign here



In full accountability I will share a screenshot of my transfer of funds to GiveIndia after the gallery closes. However, if you prefer to make your own donation directly I understand, and you can still receive the goodies – it’s a bit more of a faff, but just click the “pay later” option on the shopping cart and send me a screenshot (via email, or IG or FB DM) of your transfer / donation amount to your own chosen Indian / International charity who is working with the current covid-19 crisis in India, and I’ll send you a code to download your chosen images / poems in return.

So many people are feeling helpless seeing images emerge from here and we’d love if you shared our gallery with anyone else you think might want a little piece of our beloved India in return for helping this beautiful country at such a hard time. Click HERE for the link one more time.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughtful wishes and anything you choose to send,

Much love from India,

Kirsty, Saffy and Indy xxx


If you need an alternate charity suggestion the British Asian Trust is a UK based charity that you might consider who has stepped up in response to the current crisis is:


We have also supported this lovely charity in our former home Goa in the past. They are also UK based and I know they too are in need of help


And all the main international charities have a fund specifically for covid-19 assistance and relief.

UPDATE: 14th May 2021

We are beyond delighted to share the following accounts from our fundraiser.

TOTAL raised through the website US$3,700. Additional donated from family and friends in the UK £340. TOTAL donation given to GiveIndia as at 14.05.2021 = US$4300 = GBP3100 = INR3,21,673

We are stunned, amazed, blown away and frankly overwhelmed by the generosity of people from far and wide – from family, friends and complete strangers and we can’t thank you enough from the very bottom of our hearts.

We also thank the wonderful additional artists who came on board to support us and who shared incredible images and spread the word – thank you all for being part of this too.


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