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2010… A review…

I so love what I get to do for a living… meeting the amazing families of Abu Dhabi, and further afield, and reconnecting with former clients who’ve now become friends is just wonderful.  I feel very blessed, and honoured to be able to capture memories and just a little bit emotional when I go back through…

2 cuties | Abu Dhabi children’s photographer

I am busy designing albums and preparing orders for Christmas and have quite a few sessions I really should blog but haven’t quite got around to, so you might see a few short sharp blog posts coming up soon. These two little cuties were an absolute pleasure to photograph – I’m afraid this is only…

Life with Twins | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I have had the pleasure of photographing these two gorgeous boys since they were in Mummy’s tummy and they’re now ONE! And oh how they’ve changed from those two sleepy little 7 day olds…!!! They are now totally mobile (much more so than at their 9 month shoot!!!), and life is constantly on the go…

All 7 of them! Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

You’ve seen this gorgeous family on here before – but every year they like to challenge me a little more!!! This year there were 7 of them – they brought their dogs along to join in the fun!Who said you should never work with children and animals??? Pah! I reckon I was up to that challenge…

Hello Boys | Abu Dhabi Twins Photographer

The teeny tiny twins I last photographed at 7 days old are now 9 months old – 9 months – how on earth can that time have passed so quickly? I’m glad I’ve bumped into them out and about between shoots or I’d have had a real shock at just how much they’ve grown up! But oh, what…

And the winner is…. Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Thank you, thank you, to all of you who took the time to vote in the Kirsty Larmour Picture of the year 2009 poll. I had votes from all corners of the world, and some of the things you said were so heartwarming – so thank you. And in response to the massive response I’ve decided…

2009 Picture of the Year ♥ Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

** UPDATE – Friday 8th January – Voting is now closed – come back soon to see the results ** 2009 was an amazing year for me. I met so many new people that I’m now lucky enough to be able to call friends – and this is work!!! Did I ever mention that I…

Their neighbourhood * Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

This family are leaving Abu Dhabi so the kids can finish up their education back home, so they were after some “farewell” photos and decided to have them done mostly in the square in front of the flat that’s been home for the last 2 years and the surrounding parks. I love the idea of…

So Special ♥ Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

It makes my heart sing to post these pictures – this family are so special to me. They were one of my very first clients in Abu Dhabi and I’m sure you’ll all recognise them from my website.  They are just adorable people who have given me so much support on a personal level, on…

7 days worth of Double Gorgeousness ♥ Abu Dhabi Newborn Photographer

Remember this gorgeous Mummy-to-be? Seems like only a couple of weeks ago I was photographing her, and now, she’s Mummy to these two adorable little 7 day old boys……. This is Paddy and Shay, and they are just too gorgeous for words… and so well behaved. They fed, and slept, and cuddled, with me, with…

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