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Oman Road Trip | Abu Dhabi Travel Photographer

Anyone that regularly reads this blog knows that we LOVE to travel in my family, and I love opening my girls eyes to new places and experiences. This was such a different trip to what we usually do – this is really just a set of notes and snapshots (I never take my pro camera on holiday!!!) to help me remember what a fantastic trip it was – I forget far too easily, and how can it be that we’ve been back for 6 weeks already??

1. taking our own car was novel – we of course packed 5 times as much as we usually do when we have one backpack between us.Oman-1001

2. no TV – for a fortnight and the girls never even asked for it – in fact we stayed one guest house in Salalah which did have a TV and as we were packing up Saffy noticed it and said “Mummy did you know there was a TV in here- I didn’t!!!”Oman-1007

3. petrol – the first time we had to pump our own petrol neither of us knew how to get the petrol cap off (oh yes, what spoiled UAE-ers we are!)!!! And having to stop at every petrol station to fill up, in case the next one had run out – and 3 times having to charge pump mid fill because the pump we were at ran out!Oman-1027

4. camping – lots of fun – but for me, 2 nights at a time is enough!!!Oman-1029Oman-1017

5. camping on deserted beaches – one we drove along for 50km without seeing another car – amazing – oh and every morning they were covered in HUGE crabs too…. beaches, us and the crabs – fab!Oman-1018

Oman-10196. the night we stayed on a beach where we saw big cat prints – we’d read in the book that there were leopards in the hills above, but I’m pretty sure from the size of the footprints they’d made it down onto the beach too – cue sleepless night from Kirsty!!Oman-1011

7. lying on a deserted beach watching shooting stars with my sweetheart – perfection ♥Oman-1005

8. setting up camp on that deserted beach several hours earlier to find that it turned into a highway when word went round the nearby fishing village that 2 little blonde girls were sleeping there – I think we chatted to more Omani’s that night than the rest of the trip together!!Oman-1021a

9. taking a ferry to what Saffy named “the secret island” – we loved it there so much we stayed 3 nights! And the girls were delighted at the goats and camels taking the ferry with us!Oman-1023Oman-1024

10. the roads – were so polite – no one flashes you or beeps you and people slow down and let you pull out of junctions and they thank you when you let them pull out – it was the way road driving should be and was just an absolute dream!Oman-1020

11. hour after hour on beaches collecting shells with the girls – Saffy took her favourite ones to school to give to all her class mates – some totally stunning onesOman-1010Oman-1016

12. getting used to having to stop because camels, or donkeys, or goats wandered onto the road – even on the highways – and the fact that you could just stop on the highway and take pictures cos there was noone else on the roads anyway!Oman-1028

13. the coastline stretching down to the Yemeni border – wild beaches, rugged cliffs, blowholes, winding roads – just stunningOman-1015Oman-1013

14. Salalah, the land of frankinsense – I fell in love with it – it’s lush green mountains and it’s tropical plains, with coconut palms and fruit stalls lining the roads and a laid back vibe – it felt familiar, it felt like somewhere we wanted to spend some time – so we did…. oh and you can’t beat waking up and opening your curtains to see dolphins swimming past – the girls loved that.Oman-1008Oman-1014Oman-1030

15. not taking public transport meant much less meeting the people of the country – which was odd – I mean we still met lots of great people but there’s something about long bus or train journeys!!Oman-1006

16. the Arabian oryx reserve – with it’s amazing animals, and scientists passionate about keeping them safe – and our guide who drove out to our tent (which was in the middle of nowhere) at sunrise with fresh baked chapattis and jam for our breakfastOman-1003Oman-1004

17. Saffy, my little food tester who tried absolutely every food we put in front of her – and Omani food is great – a mix of Middle Eastern and Indian – yummy.. we ate VERY well!!Oman-1002

18. being invited into peoples homes, their schools and even to a wedding, the groom of which we met on the ferry leaving the secret island – he was heading to the mainland to buy 3 camels and 5 goats for his upcoming nuptials!!Oman-1022

19. the many varied landscapes we drove through – desert, mountains, salt flats, beaches, gorges, grasslands, tropical lushness, castles, forts, villages, towns – much of which was off road (and we couldn’t have managed without these 2 resources off road in the Sultanate of Oman,  and a website written by some long term Oman residents which was amazing)Oman-1009Oman-1026

Oman-102520. the girls, learning all the time, soaking it all up, remembering moments and treasuring them, living for days without TV or toys and not missing them in the slightest – who needs them when you can sing songs and play I spy and run wild on beaches and pick flowers and put your hands down crab holes and dance in sunbeams and climb up rocks and fly your kite?Oman-1031Oman-1012

We travelled over 4000km in 2 weeks, from Abu Dhabi down to Salalah in the south of Oman – and tried to explore as much as we could in between! That sounds crazy when I put it into words, but with wide, empty roads and plenty to see and do along the way it worked out just perfectly for us and whilst not the most restful holiday ever, it was just the adventure we hoped for. Oman-road-trip-map

Oman, I can’t wait to come back and see more…. until next time, Kirsty xx

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  • Kirsten - What an incredible holiday you had! And what incredible photos you took. Can’t wait to see you in July. xxxx

  • Rebecca - Wow…this is truly, utterly amazing! The photos are gorgeous and I am such a lover of storytelling. You must make this into a book. Thanks for sharing. XO.

  • Antonina - OMG, Kirsty, what an amazing trip – and amazing photographs. Just shows that it’s the photographer, not the camera that matters!

    I’d love to go to some of the places you visited some day…

  • Angie Baxter - What an amazing holiday – absolutely fantastic – so different!! Great pics!

  • Kati - Kirsty! I loved loved this post! Your trip looked amazing! Your little ones are soooo cute! oh…and poor you having to pump your own gas! What has the world come to? (wink)

  • Christina - Absolutely gorgeous images … maybe one of these years I’ll make it over there to see these sights myself! Can’t wait to see your Ireland trip pics!

  • Janine - WOW. What else to say but WOW!!! Saying I LOVE that post is an understatement. PS. You have the longest toes ever! Wanna swap? LOL The best holiday ever xo

  • Kristen - Ohh and ohhhh!!!! What magical memories you are creating for your girls, beautiful post Kirsty 🙂

  • Lara - Incredible, Kirsty! Oman has been on our to-do list for about 5 years so far!!!! These only make me want to go even more xxx

  • Louise - LOVE this – love the first one, love the tent silhouette one – love your sense of adventure and the way it seems to be infectious with your girls – love your girls – they’re always so happy.

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  • Melissa - Kirsty! I love this post!! I am in total awe of how you documented this. It’s always my intention to do this with our family vacation photos, but for some reason I never get it done…. kudos to you for getting it done — and beautifully!!

  • Kati - are your ears ringing? Bryan just got done looking at your fantastic photos from your trip and talking about you. All good. he’s amazed at your images and think your girls are so beautiful! xx

  • Steph - Oh I love all of your travel photo’s Kirsty…I feel like I’m there! Loved everything except for the crabs on the beach…not very fond of those 😉

    Glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen from Windy Ridge - Oh, I LOVE these photos, Kirsty! Now I am dying to go camping:)

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  • veronica - wow!!!!! This is just amazing! First they are just gorgeous even you didn’t take your pro camera…and also it is so wonderful and such a blessing to see other parts of the world, and that place looks incredible! I want to go there too! I have been a missionary for 10 years and travel over thirty countries and the riches you find in each culture and the beauty is something very unique and special to experience. I live in the UK now , a bit more settle but I do have itchy feet!! I would love to take my son to other places too…I love your photos by the way, I had been following you for a while and today I just spent too much time going back to your older entries!! 🙂 worth it though!
    Q: DId I see in your blog a while back that you mention you shoot with Nikon? I can’t remember now, just curious!

  • Paige - Wow! Gorgeous! This looks like perfection. I linked to this via the Great Family Escape – Looking forward to exploring more of your site.

  • dimitris tzanos - very nice, very emotional pictures !!
    me and three more friends, are planning a trip to Omman, with our motorcycles from Greece, at the end of April.
    Your photos, motivate us more !!
    During my search at internet for information about Oman, i found your blog.
    We plan to sent our motorcycles by ship to Dubai, and from there we intent to make a 4.000 km round in Oman.

    any kind of information, and photos of beautiful places we must visit, will be a great help !!!

    keep up travelling !!!

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  • Nathan Meisner - Hey Kristy Larmour,
    I did a quick search for a route to take to travel from Abu Dhabi to Oman and came across your site. I am considering going with my wife and two dogs on a trip for the eid break in October through there. Any advice?

    Thanks for anything you can offer. Pictures are fantastic!

  • Joby - Hello Kristy,

    This pictures and your information is good.
    we 3 familes and 3 kids are planning for Eid holidays next months for 4 days. can you advice us some good beautiful places to cover within this limited days 4 – 5 days.
    we are travelling from Abu Dhabi to Salalah.
    Please advice, and please be in touch, coz I’m passionate about photography.



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