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Project 10-September | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Myself and 9 other fabulous group of photographers started a new little personal project last month.   It’s a project where we take time each month to shoot for ourselves – to capture our own lives and our own families (something we photographers often neglect when running a business!).  This takes me back to capturing my little family just as they are… and forces me to have a record every month – and I’m accountable because I have 9 other photographers to keep me going!!!

This month was a semi-typical Friday for us -Friday is the holy day in this part of the world so it’s hubby’s day off (yes, his only day off boo hoo) so when I’m not out on an early morning shoot this is how we typically are – just hanging out at home, (because this time of year it’s too hot to go out and hang out outside), and maxing out our precious family time together!

If I wake up and my girls aren’t in bed snuggling beside me I can almost guarantee they’re snuggled up together in one of their beds – I’m so happy to have captured this – Saffy’s taken to reading stories in bed to Indy in the mornings…They dress themselves in whatever they want – which does admittedly mean sometimes I come home from a shoot to find some odd clothing combinations! And Daddy gets the fun jobs on a Friday, like brushing hair!!  (Extra note: Saffy says she’s going to stop sucking her thumb when she starts Year 1 – that’s last week ;))

Lunch, followed by a very intensive session doing the hair on all their Fulla dolls!

Anyone with a 3 year old in their home will know this scene – most days involve dress up at some time, playing happily, being a pretty little ladybird, fluttering around and passing the time – and then bam – tantrum – it’s the end of the world!

But all’s OK cos we finish up with pizza and movie night – it was “Despicable Me” that day – a big fave, though you wouldn’t know it looking at our glum faces!!! – and yes, I snuck in there at the end (one of the requirements of the Project)!

And that’s us… for more Project 10 loveliness head on over to see what the wonderful Jobrina Hofleit was up to this month …..

Until next month, Kirsty x

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  • hope - what precious moments you documented here. my fave is the family shot. love your wall images too. gorgeous.

  • breeze - I absolutely loved your day! My little boy saw the Thomas train and squealed! The smiles turned instant cries is SUCH a familiar scene!! The family shot is such a perfect capture!

  • Jay Davies - Another great day in the life……love it!!!

  • Nancy - Love that they snuggle up together <3
    These are so precious, Kirsty! LOVE the crying pic. Love it!

  • Rikki - Kirsty, love that you are capturing all these special moments! Love the one of Saffy reading to Indy *too gorgeous* ♥

  • Kristen - Love seeing these, your girls are so sweet with each other! Nice to see you all together in the last image, you guys look totally relaxed!! xx

  • Amy Lucy - How I adore seeing snippets from your day in Abu Dhabi. Your girls are so darling! It looks like a fabulous day with family — my favorite kind of days.

  • Kate - I love that you’re doing this…beautiful family!!

  • robyn - love your day you have shared. i just adore the first two images!!

  • Jules - i love the snuggles and the tears … beautiful day!

  • Carey - Love love LOVE these!!!! My little Cora, at 3, loves her thumb too, and I just HATE to take it away from her.

  • Andrea - I love seeing what you are up to. These are awesome and I love the one of the two girls in the bedroom playing on the bed…they look so small.

  • efi - 16:25 & 18:30 my favs 🙂 ! .. ok and 08:25!

  • Jobrina Hofleit - Oh I totally feel like I’m right there with you and your family Kirsty, it’s as if I’m totally getting to know all of you through your lens! Your girls are just precious and I love how your husband takes on his duties with such ease! 😉 So great to see you in that last image (I keep forgetting to do this-dang!) and that pizza looks soooooo yummy!!!!! 😉

  • Shannon Harrison - These need to be made into a book. Magnificent story told here 🙂

  • Sara T - All kinds of awesome togetherness on your day off. Beautiful family!

  • Val Spring - LOVE your day, once again! You’ve captured such beautiful and real moments! Adore the girls reading and playing together and yes, I have a 3 year old girl and yes that’s exactly how it goes! 😉

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