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I recently got invited to join in with a fabulous group of photographers for a new project they were starting.  It’s a project where we take time each month to shoot for ourselves – to capture our own lives and our own families (something we photographers often neglect when running a business!).  It was inspired by Shannon’s (from Jack and Ruby Studio’s in San Diego) 10 on 10 project where she took 10 pictures in 10 hours of her own little corner of the world and family. I LOVE this idea – I shoot lifestyle a lot for my clients, capturing the real them and yet for my own kids I often do set up, styled shoots so this takes me back to capturing them just as they are… and even better, forcing me to have a record every month – and I’m accountable because I have 9 other photographers to keep me going!!!

So, having said “yes, I’m up for that; count me in; I can’t wait” to the lovely ladies I then realised that the first month of the project I’d be away on my summer travels… that means no editing…… hmmm… could I lay my family totally bare??? Not only the real us but the real us without photoshop too????? I copped out…. I decided to keep it extreeeemely low key for this first month and only shoot with my iphone – less pressure on me (I’m on holiday after all) less work downloading, uploading etc etc etc, and with the wonder of instagram (OMG I LOVE instagram!!!!) I could still do a little bit of editing to my pics!!!

I also copped out on the whole 1 photo an hour thing too – I shot these all on the day we travelled from Thailand to Cambodia and shooting one an hour was impossible – but I still managed 10 to cover our day – and I have to say I am thrilled to have this little record of a day in the life of the Larmour Family!

So enough of my woffling on…. without further ado, I present my first 10 in 10…. for August 2011..

We had met up with T the night before – the girls and I had been travelling for 5 weeks – they had missed their Baba snuggles so much….

About to board the plane to Siem Reap

Lovely little hotel, set in a palm grove….

After a 5:30am start we all needed a nap!!

I did actually contemplate doing my photos on another day – a day when we’d be seeing the amazing temples of Angkor, said to be on the new Wonders of the World list – but I figured I’ll be showing off some of my pictures from there anyway 😉

A cocktail was definitely in order – not only had we met up with T the night before after weeks apart, but it was also our wedding anniversary 🙂

One of the conditions was that we (the photographers) had to be in one of the pics – I’m going to let T off for this pic being somewhat blurry – we were in the back of a VERY bumpy tuk tuk!!

And ready for bed….

And that, in a nutshell was a day in our lives….. I can’t wait to see everyone elses – why don’t you head on over and see Nancy’s day next

Looking forward to next month! Kirsty x


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