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Project 10 June | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

In the midst of a crazy busy week I realised I’d not actually shot my Project 10 this month.. which left me only the weekend and the madness of dance shows to do it – so I hold my hand up and confess, I shot this over 2 days….. but all the pictures could have been shot on one day….

The girls woke up VERY early, full of excitement for the day ahead

A hearty breakfast for the dancer (Indy’s show was last weekend)

A moment of peace for Mummy before the preparations begin

Time to start getting ready

Hair and makeup

A last practise at home

Off we go to dress rehearsals…

I then stayed and photographed the dress rehearsal before her Daddy came and picked her up, fed her and brought her back to the show in the afternoon while I went on to another job…. So, the next day I got little miss Dancer ready again… and we had a few quick photos at home, as is our annual dance show tradition to send to the Grandparents…

Indy insisted on wearing her rainbow costume from the previous week to the show so I attempted a few pics with her too – I just got a whole load of fake smiles and attitude!!! 

My little rainbow leading the way “Come on Mama… time to go see Saffy’s show…”

2 tired little dancers, ready to go home…..

I could have pretended I really went to the show on the first day, but too many people there know me and would know I was making it up!!!! The joys of being a working Mum and juggling life!!!  Let me tell you – the show was simply AMAZING!!!! I was so proud for both my girls, and me to be a part of it… I cried, I laughed, I wanted to get up and tap my own toes – it was just awesome!!!

Now head on over to see what Andrea was upto this month – she’s always doing something fun, and usually very active! And go here if you want to find out more about this project…. see you again next month,


PS Fellow Arabesque Mums a few pics will be coming soon on their Facebook page – pop over and “like” them so you’ll see when they get uploaded!!!

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  • Life with Kaishon - I always think moms with little dancers are so lucky! How beautiful are these images. Absolutely stunning! : )

  • Louise - OK, 1, Saffy is just adorable, and 2, the pic of Indy leading you along.. just perfect, and 3, you have some gorgeous early morning light there in your living room – that’s all!!! x

  • Andrea - I always love your view of the world. Beautiful girls. I just love dance recitals!! I love the perspective in all of your pictures. Was looking at Cambodia last night and noticed it there as well.

  • Janine - I love your girly girls. Jx

  • Ghadeer - Amazing photos love ur work. So intrested in ur work amazing job, do u do photo sessions for kids ????i would
    Like to have one for my daughter reallly love ur photos

  • kati - I watched my Mallory dance this past weekend and know exactly what proud moments you’re talking about. Love this post and your lil’girls! xx

  • robyn - oh these are precious. I am so glad the show went well… what fun!!

  • Val Spring - Oh miss Kirsty I hope you never hget tired of me telling your how sweet I think your girls are! They seriously have such beautiful smiles and they scream happiness all over! I love every single one of these photos but the first 3 images and the one of Indi giving you some attitude are just the best ever!!!

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