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Project 10 August | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this project for a whole year – I love how it makes me slow down and capture a day in our lives – which doesn’t mean every picture is “hang on the wall” worthy, but does create a picture of us that I’ll be able to look on in years to come when all this is just distant memories…. it’s still our school holidays and we’re back from our European travels which means lots of long lazy lie-ins and slob out days with craft projects… it’s still in the high 40 degrees C (which is over 110F for my American friends!) so daytimes are very relaxed, but we do often head down to the beach late afternoon – which is exactly what we did on this day…

We started out after breakfast with some DVD time – one of my kids always seems to be watching TV upside down!We then embarked on another of our holiday craft projects – making rag dolls (I’ll blog some more soon but check out some previous summer crafts here). I’d been saving up some old sheets just for a project like this! The hair and dresses still need finishing – that’s a project for another day 🙂We then headed down to the beach – which it being Ramadan is blissfully empty, a sight that’s impossible to see any other time of year given that it runs almost the whole length of the city waterfront…

I decided to try my underwater housing down at the beach for the first time – I really didn’t pick a good day – It was dull and there was no sun through the haze and I’ve really never seen the sea so choppy – not proper waves, just choppy sea and lots of wind – so it was a big experiment in what I could capture, sometimes missing the shot as I was thrown under, or one of the girls was… but despite all of that I captured some that I love and I embrace the imperfectness of them, because that’s what this project is about – capturing things, just how they are…..

Now head on over to Canada to see what Robyn and her gorgeous girls have been upto….

Until next month, Kirsty x

(Head over here if you’d like to read about how we started this project in August 2011)

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  • San - Oh!!!! how much i miss the beach!!
    I’m from AUH too…!! Nice to know your girls are enjoying their summer vacation!! 🙂


  • rowe - i love those last 3 images so much… haze, choppy sea and all! i have loved seeing your 10 on 10 project kirsty and im super excited to have started my own this month… yay! thanks for sharing lovely x

  • jody - Gorgeous! 10 x 10 project I adore the idea. look forward to seeing next months. I’m going to join in too xxx

  • Sara T - Those water shots, TDF! I love your day.

  • Janine - Summer love ♥ Hopefully we’ll be doing the same very soon.

  • Ruth the LLLL - Awwhhh, I cannot get my head around how grown up your wee girls are already yet. Wow!
    Thank you so much for sharing your day with us!
    cheers from Ruth

  • kati - Oh I love seeing your projects and watching your girls grow! xxx

  • Ninka - DVD, crafting then the beach, a perfect day! I love the plaits shot too, a new fav of mine!

  • Kate - Wow, where have I been?? These are wonderful, I love this project so much because it’s the little things that you forget once they’re grown up. They will cherish these…

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