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Project 10 December | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

It’s December! It’s December – oh my goodness, how can it be December??? To say the end of the year coming around this fast makes me feel old – that’s something Grannies say isn’t it??? But it’s hit me like a tornado in the middle of busy season here and suddenly it was the 9th and I hadn’t done my Project 10 (I feel like I’m at school making up excuses for sloppy homework!!) Soooooo, here we go (if you want to read about how this got started go here) I shot it fast and furiously on a hotchpotch of a day, and broke all the rules – I didn’t do one shot an hour; I didn’t narrow it down to 10 shots; and I didn’t get myself in a shot at all…. but given the craziness of the month maybe that’s for the best!!!!

The day started with an early morning photo shoot and I took a few moments to capture these on the way…..

I got home to find that Ivor, our Elf had not only toilet papered the tree which was sitting waiting for us to decorate – but he’d also gagged a nutcracker – my crossness at Ivor melted when the girls told me they thought he was probably just trying to help us decorate and didn’t know what to use – love how they see good in everything 🙂

Once we cleared up Ivor’s mess we started our own decorating..

She loves nutcrackers – her Nainai gave her this one last Christmas and she took more care with this one decoration than all the others put together….

And in the afternoon Indy went to a pony party at the stables – she was so proud to ride a horse….

See, told you it was hotchpotch – but some days are just like that – and December seems to be a hotchpotch month this year – I live in hope that life will calm down once school breaks for the holidays next week – maybe I’ll exude more calm for my January Project 10…

In the meantime, pop over and see Val Spring of the Red Balloon Photography – she left hers to the last minute too but hers is a million times less crazy and chaotic than mine…. I’ll see you in 2012 for another installment, Kirsty xx

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