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Project 10 January | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

It’s January!!! Here’s to a new year!! And my first Project 10 of the year (go here to find out how it started and how I’m involved with a fabulous group of photographers from around the globe, and here to see last months).

I was soooooo lucky to start out my 2012 on a beach in India. We love India, but visiting the Andaman Islands was amazing – they’re a set of tropical islands, closer to Thailand than India and they are just stunning, and so, so friendly and so different from the normal hustle and bustle of Indian life. I admit, I kinda forgot about this project – I was so very in the chilled out zone whilst away – but these are pieced together from our last morning hanging out at our beach hut in remote North Andaman, before changing and taking a sea plane back down to Port Blair, the capital and heading to Ross Island to visit the ruins of the old British headquarters.We’ve been back just 3 days and I’ve loved this project this month for forcing me to abandon the laundry and tidying of Christmas decorations to sit down and play with some photos and take myself back there… so enjoy a day in the life of the Andamans…

Just hanging out…..Our laundry!!!

In an autorickshaw heading to the sea plane – and I think this qualifies as a picture with me in 😉

Driving the auto!! They really had so much fun – my girls would move tomorrow to a country soley on the basis of it having auto’s or tuk tuks!!!

Waiting for the plane – with our 1 bag (and a good job we travel light too as you can’t take the plane if you have more than 5kg luggage per person!!!) and a view of the beautiful islands as we flew over…..

Saffy sat up front and helped drive the auto from Port Blair airport to our hostel – she was so thrilled with herself (we hired the same driver to take us to the airport the next day to fly back to Delih and so Indy got her turn too!!)

Fresh coconuts….

Exploring the ruins of Ross Island…Abandoned church – the kids loved this because it reminded them of clambering through the temples in Cambodia

Boat back from the island and kulfi from the dockside seller – oh so yummy!!

Dosas for dinner – always a hit, and making sure she got the last drop of her mango lassi!!

That was a much busier day than most of our days on the islands, where we hung out at the beach, or at our hut, or went on a jungle trek or sat around eating parathas all morning, or went to the beach, or to another island… you get the picture…

Now head on over to see a different day altogether with the lovely Andrea,

Until next month, Kirsty xx


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  • Lena - Awwww Kirsty – love them! Looks like you had such a great time and the images are beautiful as always – so are the girls! I am so impressed that you are able to travel to such cool and exotic places with the girls – such priceless memories for all of you! Cannot wait to see more photos!

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  • Nancy - These are amazing. Amazing. What a gift to share such an experience with your girls! The COLOR in these just blows me away!

  • Beth Ross | Tyler TX Photographer - These pictures are STUNNING!!! I love all the gorgeous colors. Your girls are beautiful. Awesome work!

  • breeze - What an amazing day!! Love these!

  • robyn - oh i want to live your life… all the traveling with your family is so wonderful! beautiful images Kristy, just love how vivid they are!

  • Jobrina Hofleit - Amazing!!!!! I want a day in your life Kirsty!!!!!!!! Such extraordinary experiences and memories you and your family have!!!!! The colors are just gorgeous in these images and that little hut….sooo cool and I love seeing the looks on your girls faces in your images, they look like they are enjoying every minute of all your traveling adventures. 😉

  • jasmine johnson - i think the best i can say is that i’m jealous… of your location, beautiful sweet smiley girls and your wonderful eye. loved seeing this day!

  • efi - what an extraordinary day Kirsty! those girls really are learning about the world from first hand! love the patterned wallll….

  • Mary Schannen - Oh WOW! What a wonderful vacation! The colors are so vivid and I’m REALLY impressed that you packed a family of four in that one suitcase! lol

    Great job! These were fun to look at.

  • Liz - These are all so beautiful! Such amazing perspectives & captures. Gorgeous!

  • rowe - your photos make me want to visit there! im worried id get sick… not too keen on bali belly and wondering how id go in india? the images are beautiful as always kirsty…

  • courtneycourtney - So amazing! I feel like I’m in a movie!

  • hope - oh my goodness. love with all my heart…so perfect…and amazing.

  • kati - Love these!! Your hubby cracks me up….just how he’s hangin’. Love your travel photography! xx

  • Sara T - What I wouldn’t give to vacation in Andamon Islands or live your life for just one day. I love your perspectives and all the cool things you get to do and photograph. xoxox

  • Kate Pizzo - Happy New Year!! I love them!! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Every time I hear about your travels I always think about the wonderful stories and adventures your girls will have to look back on. xo

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