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Project 10 July | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Yay – it’s finally the school holidays! The last term was so busy it flew by, but it was so busy it was exhausting. Our holiday days have been filled with lots of hanging out, DVD’s, days at the pool, baking, hanging out, a few craft projects, reading, lounging in pj’s till midday and nothing much more strenuous than that!! The most active day we’ve had so far was probably the day I chose to document for this months Project 10!!!

I woke up to this little face next to me in bed, playing with her fairies

And then we got ready for the pool….

I was so happy to find we were the only ones there as this was the first time I’d taken my fancy new camera housing out to play – I think I’m in love with underwater shooting now 🙂 I am sure you’ll be seeing more as the summer passes…

Indy checked out her tan lines!!

And we made smoothies – yum!

This is what happens when she watches too much Madagascar – her “I like to Move it, move it” moves! 

And we headed to Summer in Abu Dhabi – for my non Abu Dhabi readers, the temperatures here at the moment are reaching 50 degrees C which means unless you’re in a pool then outdoor play just isn’t going to happen… so every year for a month in the summer Summer in Abu Dhabi happens, which is basically an indoor carnival with shows and games and crafts and all sorts of fun for kids to run around and burn off some steam… Indy helped out with the stunt show – the comedy slaps! 

And the girls loved the jungle adventure which had rope bridges, and swings and climbing walls and balance beams all as part of an assault course…

We rounded the day off with Peter Pan on Ice – and after all that activity, we all slept pretty well that night!!!

Now head over to see what Jennifer of Z’s the Day Photography was doing for July 4th over in sunny California. And go here to read about this project to document a day in our lives each month with 9 other photographers from around the world

Hope you’re all having a great summer – I’ll be back with another instalment next month when it’ll be Ramadan in Abu Dhabi,

Kirsty  xx

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  • Kate Pizzo - Adore them! First of all, what fun you guys have during the summer! Peter Pan on ice sounds like a blast. And second, I love love love the lifestyle pictures. They are by far my favorite style because they are in the moment. Your lifestyle pictures always inspire me to pick up my camera more often. Beautiful post 🙂

  • Kylie D - I want to be one of your girls and have all that fun! What a beautiful day remembered forever. The rope bridge looks like something my two would love to walk on! Kx

  • Kate - Love it – love the underwater, especially the little pink skirt, love how you still pick out the details 🙂 but I love the sofa jumping too and Indy doing the slap! What a fun day!

  • Jobrina Hofleit - wow, what a fabulous, full of adventure day!!!!! your attention to eye such details of your girls just amazes me kirsty!!! i love being inspired by your work, every.single.time.i.come.and.visit.your.blog!!!!! 😉

  • Janine - I find it hard to comprehend dealing with that heat! Glad to hear you’re having so much fun. I love the pic at the station. Jx

  • Ninka - I love getting this peek into your lives every month!

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