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Letter to my Daughters | July 2012

This is the fourth of my letters that I introduced in April.  They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and I’ll be writing them each month for my 2 treasured girls.  I’m undertaking this project with the most amazing set of ladies around the world…..

Next go and see what the ever lovely Julia has written to her beautiful daughter Wren this month – her images and words are always inspiring – follow this link to see Julia Stotlar | Chicago-Area Photographer

Kirsty xx

PS All photos taken one morning exploring Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Summer 2011 (and more of our adventures are on my travel blog over here)

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  • Jody - Okay, now I just want to take my letter down. 🙂 You are amazing Kirsty and SUCH an inspiration.

  • Emma Wood - I’m blown away by your images, i’m blown away by your words. You’re an amazing woman Kirsty Larmour! <3

  • Sarah C - My goodness these images are TO DIE FOR! Your girls couldn’t be any more gorgeous and I think its completely amazing you all do so much traveling! I really hope to be able to show my own littles the world some day. We are still working on our country lol! Your girls are going to love this and appreciate this all their life sunshine. You are providing something invaluable for them. You have given them wings. Such a wonderful mama you are!

  • Rashmi - Oh Kirsty.. the pictures the pictures! I love that both you and Jody speak about travelling in this month’s edition of Letters. I really truly believe that kids who travel become adults who travel and change the world. I hope you are enjoying Paris! can’t wait to see the photographs. Take me along on your next adventure? xoxo

  • Amy Lucy Lockheart - What an amazing childhood your girls are experiencing! It is such a rare thing to be able to travel as extensively as your young daughters have in their short lives. I absolutely love these photos, Kirsty, and your words of wisdom. I hope you are having the time of your lives in Europe and can’t wait to hear about it when you return! xoxo

  • Meagan Baker - Vancouver Child Photographer - I love everything about this letter – the images are gorgeous, and so is your writing. Beautiful project. Inspires me to do this for my daughter.

  • Michelle Stone - Oh my goodness, I may just be a sappy dork, but reading that totally made me tear up. Your girls are so lucky and it sounds like you are pretty lucky to have them too. 🙂

  • Karen Catto - Kirsty. What a stunning letter and the photos are fabulous!!! As someone else said, I just want to rewrite my letter now!! Lol. Inspirational! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful adventure together xx

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  • Katie - Love this so much! Makes me want to return to Cambodia! 🙂

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