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My Daughters | Abu Dhabi Photographer

I’m nervous… this week I’m starting another new personal project… it’s on a subject closer to my heart than any I can imagine… it involves pictures, and words… the pictures come easily, mostly… the words, not always so much… but I’m excited, and invigorated and motivated by the sheer importance of it… and I’m humbled and honoured to be in a group with the other amazing ladies who will be part of this journey too… as each month we write a Letter to our Daughters…

I hope to share my dreams, hopes and fears, my pride and my worries and my observations on the young women they will become. I want to see how their, and my past shapes them, and where their future will take them… I want to focus more on taking photos of them… which really captures the essence of them… sometimes the letters will be to one daughter, sometimes both.. sometimes I’ll have lots of photos, and sometimes I’m sure a single image will speak volumes on its own… I’m not sure if I’ll ramble on (I fear that’s what I’m doing right now) or if the letters will be more concise and direct but I’m excited… this is important…

I hope you’ll follow along, with us as we start this journey later this week…. in the meantime here’s the beautiful group so you can go check out their own amazing photography and stories….

Amy LockheartJess Sandager Sarah Lynn Cornish | Valeria Spring | Emma Wood | Julia Rodgers Stotlar  

Jody McKitrick | Rashmi Pappu Stephanie Beaty


Kirsty xx


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